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Why we can't have nice things

Yeah, it's beautiful but...




But it's like watching one of those home redo shows on HGTV.


You know, they walk into a house that's all cluttered with the inhabitants flotsam and jetsam all strewn about and ugly wall hangings and misaligned furniture and so on and so forth...


Then the designah guru comes through and cleans it all up and makes the home beautiful, clean, usable, and livable and goes into a painstaking exposition to the inhabitants carefully laying out they heuristics of why its beautiful, clean, usable, and livable and the homeowners stare wide-eyed nodding their heads and emoting, "OMG! OMG! I can't believe this is the same house!"


Meanwhile, 4 weeks later you know the inside of the home is totally fucked up again.


People are people.


It is what it is.


Are you a misanthrope?


No, I don't hate people. I just feel bettah when they aren't around.*



The problem for MLB team sites is that they are all basically the same. The Sox web site looks like the other Sox website, which looks like the Cubbies web site. The teams ought to have a website that reflects their teams.
The Red Sox site should be disorganized, teriffic in spots and cluttered even moreso than the current MLB web sites are. The Giants website would be a joyous and easily navigated one, while the Dodgers site would be a mis-matched bunch of stuff from here and there. But, the Toonto Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners could have a site like the white pages, saying:
Here is what we want you to know, if you care, which is debatable.

There are three pronunciations for Toronto
High Class:
Toonto (Spoken quickly to minimize the impact of the shame the speaker feels)
Most everyone else: Tronna (Minimizing the intake of snow and such while speaking)
Stoners: Tron tau.

//The problem for MLB team sites is that they are all basically the same.//

They aren't basically the same. They are the same. It's the same content template across all teams. They just dynamically drop in the news, videos, etc. for each specific team when the page is requested. I find all the official MLB sites completely unusable. Anyway, I prefer to get my Red Sox news from clip art characters.

cmdrflake is exactly right. The characteristics of the brand should drive the design. For instance, the Patriots site should be down right now.

Love the final quote.

I really HATE the cookie-cutter web design which, I'm sure, has been imposed on all teams by the rigid brains at MLB. These are the same people who mandate to stupid logos on the side if uniform caps for special promotions ... or require the wearing of red-and white caps on the 4th of July, never mind that they look terrible with the traditional uniform colors. Very small minds busily at work.

The final quote could be hung over my wife's desk at work. outstanding.

Looks like they caught Slappy McBluelips in another steroid lie. I didn't plan on having schadenfreude for lunch but the delivery guy just pulled up with a free helping.

//Rodriquez also was given "troches," a lozenge that has 15 percent testosterone.//

So, that's like sucking balls, right?

Learn great pickup lines from the master.

Can someone explain to me why I should be clutching my pearls over PEDs in baseball? I just naturally assume every single one of them does it, ergo: NBD.

3 things:

I have said for years that "this place would be great if it weren't for all the people"

MLB websites and most corporate branded type stuff = Automatic For The People

I clutch my pearls all the time. Do we need special reasons?

Sorry, 4 things... I believe the redsox website would stop short of loading.

Now, they are going after Ray Lewis. Why bother? Some one a Niners fan in SI? Smearing people seems to be a virus roaring through our culture, and it'll destroy a lot of lives and careers, now we know that there is no stopping this. We have only been like this since (A.)We evolved from lower forms. (Or, B.) We have been like this since Eve ate the apple, and overpaid for it. Some things refuse to change. Eve should have waited about six monyhs until the gloss had worn off the Apple, and then gotten a closer to obsolete one to gnash. ;-)

I meant to type six months, but my desktop is not working too well. I am not THAT ignorant. Close, though...

Ray Lewis pled guilty to accessory to murder after the fact, and is still beloved here in MD. I don't think deer antler cream is even going to make the news cycle.

At least Ray has his spray-on hair ;D

At least Ray wil always have his spray-on hair ;D

"The record's stuck...the record's stuck...the record's stuck"

Only two reasons to go the Red Sox site.

1. check game schedule, so you don't errantly bump into a game on radio or tv.

2. check into "virtual waiting room" to endlessly wait for a singelton ticket in Section 6 to a KC game in May.

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