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In January, we'll take any topic we can get our hands on

I hadn't realized they'd turned this into a sport.


Christ, if I played that in high school I could have lettered.


Puts an entirely new spin on the term LOOGY.


If that league could use a coach with a toothy smile who speaks Japanese, I've got a guy in mind.



Another league I can't muster up for...

All day meeting yesterday. Ugh. I could not imagine a job where I had to attend meetings regularly. So my two cents on Lincoln. Loved it. Applauded at end to my wife's embarrassment. Wished we had Lincoln-like leaders in this day and age. Generally hate going to movies. Ads, previews, and the madding crowd.

Hate to be the clean up crew for that league.

I venture to say the women's league has a lot more, uh, "equipment."

Is the coach turning Japanese? I really think so,think so,think so ;O

Wait, Roger Clemens did not get into the Hall of Fame on first ballot? Is this some steroids punishment bullshit because, WTF?

Huh. Never really saw that as a team sport. Mixed doubles for sure, but not really team in a gym kinda thing. Guess that's why I wasn't invited to some of the cool parties.

Re Clemens, he has been stepping on his own dick for so long people just kind of cringe and want him to go away. Baseball writers included.

Aaron Sele got a vote. Aaron Sele. MLB might need to weed a few voters out.

How the fuck does Aaron Sele get even one vote? Someone confuse him with Hank Aaron?

How does he get a vote? Let me tell you how he gets a vote. Ever have a kid in your neighborhood growing up who never quite got the how to id a superstar thing? This dork in my neighborhood in the DC surburbs would declare when we were playing sandlot football, as the rest of us were being Kilmer or Jurgensen or Riggins or such, himself to be Neil Olkewicz. Anybody know who Neil Olkewicz is? Ya. I think maybe that kid is now a baseball writer.

The HOF is horeshit until Pete Rose gets in. NOBODY else should get in until this travesty is repaired.

I'd want Charlie Hustle on my team before Clemens, no question.

Horeshit?? lol

I was done with taking the HoF seriously after the Seniors committee let Rizzuto in. You get 25 tries and you can't get in, you don't deserve to be there.

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