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If you've seen one barely visible fuzzy blur, you've seen 'em all

Are you ready for the "comet of the century."


Pfft... been there, done that, got the Kohoutek t-shirt.


Cosmic let down, eh?


Seriously. I'd actually rank my boyhood disappointment with the Comet Kohoutek that wasn't higher than my disappointment at losing the '75 World Series on my all 70s disappointment list.


You know what went wrong with Kohoutek, right?


Partial disintegration is what I was told.


Well that and they should have named it Comet Varitek.



This comet "may flame out early." Perhaps it should be named Bard.

The comet had thighs like tree trunks?

Hale Bopp was pretty spectacular; plus had the best name ever for a comet.

-A certain HR in 1978.
-Maybe the '72 SI swimsuit cover.
-Okay, and the prom.
But that's it. Can't remember anything else.

First sign of Spring: Joe and Obie go to Maine to say how interesting 2013 will be. www.38cliches.com

I thought Kohoutek's problem turned out to be avascular necrosis of the tail?

I thought Hale Bopp was an Elton John number in honor of one of his boy toys.
I also recall Kohoutek:
4oz. Vodka
8oz. prune juice
1 slice lemon/orange (or wedge)
This concoction also carried names of noteworthy volcanos, depending onn the cultural climate.

mixing prune juice with alcohol is like mixing Youk with the mfy - some things just shouldn't happen.

Mixing prune juice with alcohol is like mixing deer antler spray with Woody Allen. Some things just don't mix.

Vodka and prune juice is called a pile driver!

The concoction I mentioned is part of a grusome contest where the "winner" can hang on longer than the other competitor(s). The problem for the winner? Well, most bars have only one shitter! Remarkably, I could sucker stooges into the contest regularly (Yeah, it's an awful one, heh, heh, heh...) and the guy with the brown stained pants won the contest!
Only one cheater over the years, a guy who needed an ostomy bag. He'd win every time. Bet he can still win that game, too!

Are we maligning Varitek? That is something for which I verily will not stand, good sir. And thus I say, good day, monsignor. GOOD DAY. [exeunt stage right]

Sorry, I may be reading too much Brit Lit and watching too much Happy Endings....

No, just the opposite. If Kohoutek was named Varitek, it would have shined brightly and kicked the shit out of .200 hitting comets.

Ahhhh. It's still early here in Phoenix, thus the brain cells are not all a'clackin yet. I co-sign this naming of comets after Sox players, BTW. Whom do we talk to about that?

I think you have to discover the comet to have it named after you. Who wants to chip in for a Red Sox team telescope? With Beckett gone, it might be trained on something other than the line at Popeye's. (Three months, six days, seven hours since the last beer and chicken reference.)

aside to Nat: there was a Tek sighting last night at the Bruins game, 2 rows behind me. I can see why you're all atwitter. Unfortunately he didn't slap on a pair of skates to help prevent the beat down

The Mudville sports media,such as it is, thinks the team is real. So is Millar comet, all flash and noise, no substance. It would spin off the Roberts comet which would finish what the Millar comet was not able to do.

BTW I missed yesterday's dog/cat conversation --- and we all know where I land on that debate (apologies to Chairman Miaow)--- so I wanted to share this hilarity now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbycvPwr1Wg

My husband has been wandering around Superbowl land and just called me to see what he should ask Shaughnessy who was in the area. He did this to rile me. When I said, "Ugh, I can't stand the guy. We call him the Curly Headed Bastard," he responded, "I don't think I should call him that, there are some things you don't say to be polite."

NOLA! how you been?

I took a Bobby Valentine induced hiatus but pledge to be a better Sox Fan this summer now that his ass is out the door.

Welcome back, Nola!

Nola! It's so good to hear the sound of your comment.

BTW, tell your husband we're not insulting Shank. The "B" stands for "boyfriend" (courtesy of Carl Everett.)

Well, I'm off for some fine Italian food. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

My OCD just kicked in.

Period outside the parenthesis.

Bob, in my book it's "bastard."

Shit, I got it 2/3 wrong - change "headed" to "haired." BTW if you look it up on Bing you get his image next to Napoleon Dynamite.

Nice to hear from NolaSox!

Not for nothing, it's Groundhog's Day. Just saying.

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