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First they come for the voles...

Hey, there puddy-tat, don't you worry about ridding us of those rats, as long as you're bringing your fucking feline A game to those dastardly song birds and chipmunks and shit, you know you've got a wedding-china plate full of Tendah Vittles waiting for you over here.


Seriously, it's not like rats have a history of being a vector in worldwide lethal plagues or anything.


You know, cats killing things we like and not killing things we don't like, well, it's almost like they're working against us or something.


I've always thought that. I mean just look at their behavior? Cats hold us in contempt. And they always look guilty of something. You can see it in their eyes.


So so-called cat people are sleeping with the enemy?


I wondah if Lackey is a cat person?


I dunno, but we do know he's a pussy.



Adrian Gonzalez owns a cat breeding business. (No, I don't know that for sure, but come on. You just know he admires cats' aloofness and breezy gait. It's God's plan that he breed cats after he misses the playoffs.)

Guess that makes me Bi-I ike cats and dogs ;D

Great last panel, hb. LOL-funny. I am so not looking forward to seeing Lackey in uniform this year. Can we suggest Tommy John surgery for his other elbow?

As Chumlee from Pawn Stars put it, "I don't like cats because I don't want a box of shit in my house."

Oh, and I think Lackey is going to win 17 games this year. He might lose 20, but still.

Chairman Meow read this on my shoulder. He is very angry. He swears that if he had to, really had to he'd...the master has left the room.
The story I want to folow is will the (Can't/won't type their name) get out of A Fraud's contract, and will MLB free up the contract's cap/luxury tax figure? Perhaps the Sox could dump Lackey and clear salary cap room and luxury tax space. The Pats are among their league's masters of capology.
The Chairman has returned. He has no issue with cutting a player loose if the team wishes to do it. He cites his own firing of his prior head of staff, my god daughter, who was dismissed for having children that disturbed him. He tolerates only adult staff, SVP.

All about teh kittiez, in comic form: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/cats_actually_kill

If cats were the size of cars, they'd play with us until we were dead.

Just wait. This is going to be the Year of Redemption for John Lackey.

Dogs are who we are - "here I am! Im rolling over to show you my thingy! Rub my belly! Oh ya!!!" Cats are who we want to be - "go fuck yourself. I will pay attention to you when I goddamn well feel like it. Now scratch ass." Or something like that.

Bobby V was a cat

I bet Jeff in NC watches Family Guy.

Or "Wilfred."

I'm pretty sure that is the first time Chumlee has ever been quoted in a non-ironic context.

Wilfred... Tried it. Kinda weird. More than kinda. Family guy religiously. But mostly just my opinionated 4 dogs and 2 cats.

COD, Chumlee is now worth in excess of $8,000,000 from his time on Pawn Stars. Ironic doesn't even begin to describe that.

BTW I missed yesterday's dog/cat conversation --- and we all know where I land on that debate (apologies to Chairman Miaow)--- so I wanted to share this hilarity now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbycvPwr1Wg

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