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Cold stove

Wow, you know it's a slow offseason when even Pinto is lamenting the fact that it's a slow offseason.


Seriously, that's like Starbucks saying their having trouble selling coffee.


It's like the Prince Harry saying he's running out of Taliban to kill.


What's worse, poor Dave has to wait another whole year for Olympic curling.


Somebody send him the calendah already.



If you are going to mention a women of curling calendar you could have at least found us a link with more than one picture ;)

BTW, A google image search just gave me a whole new appreciation for the game of curling.

Well, there was an entire strip devoted to "hot chicks of curling" back in 2006, so didn't want to seem overly redundant (http://www.soxaholix.com/tp/2006/02/toeing_the_hog_.html).

You mean you don't remember every strip ever?

Curling should replace the bulls-eye with a pic of John Lackey's head. No reason; it'd just be funny.

And here I thought it was just an excuse to drink beer and whiskey.
"Well, what's at stake is who buys the beer next time. And don't leave any of the case frozen into the ice. Keep your sticks down, out there."- Red Green

Just as long as Prince Harry doesn't run out of ice cream.

I went back and looked at a few of those 2006 strips. Did not remember any of them. Early onset dementia?

Perhaps early formation of amyloid plaque in your brain. Or too many beers last night.

c'mon things just heated up. Pedro is back and they re-signed Breslow! We're saved!

I think Spike TV needs to have an all-women curling reality show. Way better than a calendar.

The women I have seen curling look like you'd expect for the most part, heavy, no great shakes, but they DO know how to mix a Wicked Tommy.
1.) 4 oz. Old Bushmills
2.) 12 oz. Squirt (Pronounced Squird in Mudville), I MISS Wink, which was a Canada Dry Grapefruit soda. Wicked awesome. Beats "Squird" (sic).
3.) 1 section grapefruit
Drink slowly and with respect, gang.

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