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At least Spring is still to come



Jeez, what a weekend.


Somebody needs to sacrifice a lamb or something.


Too late. They used that lamb for Tom Brady's Uggs.



Now that Stan Musial is gone, will that mean I won't get his letters in his role as "president" of the Beer Drinkers of America? Well, InBev will find another shill.
I can see the junk Emails now. Hi I'm Curt Schilling President of...
Shearling lambskin boots on a guy? Naah. Only in certain neighborhoods in large cities or college towns. But if UGG pays me to, I'll put them on and like them.

Boy, the Pats looked moribund, eh? And as one who has watched maybe 15 minutes of football all season, can someone tell me when the pre- and postgame shows got so insipid? I mean, talking to the e-Trade baby? The repeated, embarrassing saying of "the Yippee Ki Yay Postgame show"? It was next level stupid, IMHO. But hey, I finished off the night by watching For Love of the Game, which is mostly a terrible movie (the love story is a poorly written no chemistry snoozefest), but the baseball scenes were pretty awesome, and had me craving the start of the season. Also, I teared up when he got the perfect game, so I am pretty sure I need some kind of mood stabilizer. Only 3 weeks til this Sox season party gets kicked off! No bus for me this year! Wheee!

There is an entire (albeit abbreviated) hockey season to complete before I even begin to think about the Sox. B's got out of the gate fast against the Rangers. I am hoping to catch today's game on the NHL network as they attempt to woo fans with a free game.

I'd entertained hopes of a Boston Quadrifecta: Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics all winning their respective championships in one year. Now it may be possible that that feat can happen in the San Francisco Bay Area: Giants, 49ers, Warriors and Sharks!

I sacrificed a rack of lamb at the tailgate yesterday. Didn't work. (But it was delicious.)

I kind of needed the next two weeks to be more fun. I hate thinking of looking forward to J. Lackey's first outing of the Spring.


Fitting irony that Brady will not be considered the best QB ever. Over the last eight years the increasingly one-dimensional-Brady teams couldn't win. Gotta run the ball. The unsexy gets the job done. Just ask Werner.

For the love of the Game is a paen for Tiger Stadium. No way it should have been torn down. It wasn't Fenway, but it was all Detroit all the time. Was it sexy? NO! Is Detroit sexy? Depends.
The Pats? If you can't stop an ordinary passing attack, you have no place in a Super Bowl.

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