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All is forgiven

I don't begrudge Francona for wanting to share his side of the story...


But did he have to pick Shaughnessy as his co-writtah?


Ah, yeah, he probably did...


I mean if you're going to shiv someone, you want the nastiest shiv possible.


You gonna read it?


Fuck no.


Likewise. Not only do I not want to spend a dime to enable the CHB's spite machine, in the end I just don't care much about the dirty laundry airing regardless of whom is doing the the hanging or by whom the laundry was sullied.


Seriously. I could read that Henry, Werner, and Lucchino wanted to field a team made up entirely of Mexican Shemales o boost television ratings, and I'd be like, "Well, you know they did play a majah role in the ending the 1918 drought... And that shemale Carmencita at short is kinda hawt."


Absolutely. While we frequently like to bust their balls, truth is everyone and anyone associated with the 2004 club—ownahs, managahs, coaches, playahs, hell even Pedro's little friend (may he rest in peace)— pretty much has an unexpired carte blanche with me.


Besides even if we do learn that a member of the 2004 Bunch of Idiots did something heinous, they need only go on TV, tear up, and say a couple of Hail Oprahs and all is forgiven.


"Hail Oprah, round of face.
Adored we are with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the book of thy club."



Holy Oprah, mother of OWN, pray for us viewers, now and at the hour of your interview with Lance, amen.

I wonder how much of the book profits CHB gets. If it's more than 0%, I'll pass.

I was thinking of getting the book until I saw that CHB was involved. I refuse to put a single dollar in that doucheknuckle's pocket.

Epstein did not bring in a married, pious Gonzalez as part of a sexy marketing effort. C'mon Theo(or exaggerated book reporting), that was a baseball move they had efforted for years. And so what if the Sox spent money on a marketing plan, I'm shocked, shocked to learn that they operate as an actual business!?

Maybe Francona could go on Oprah and 'Gayle King' the Red Sox.

Bring on the empty horses

An interesting paradox...if "bleesed is the book of thy club" be, then what happens if CHB's book were to make Oprah's club?

Great strip as usual. Can I now publicly say that Lance is a scumbag without drawing criticism? I have never been a fan.

Go Pats!

Yeh, CHB, all in concurrence... Meanwhile the Nats signed Soriano, apparently figuring three proven closers is better than two... At least they did us the favor of taking him out of AL East...

My daddy always used to tell us: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. I try to live by that... Thus, I am disappointed in Francona. I think he'll look back some day and wish he'd kept his mouth shut and gone out with graciousness, at the top of his popularity, unsullied. Nothing good comes of consorting with the CHB.

There are two beliefs that I've always had that I think have helped me lead a fairly contented life. I'll share these with you now:

1) I never thought I'd ever see any social security and therefore I am responsible for my own retirement.

2) All pro athletes are doping to some extent.

Consequently, learning that social security is insolvent or that so and so used PEDs doesn't phase me in the least.

My mother used to say 'if you don't have anything good to say about someone, then sit down beside me'.

"Hail Oprah, Round of Face". Hysterical, hb!

In such a time as this is it not meet that every nice offense should bear this comment.
Let me tell ya ah...CHBious, you yourself are much condemn'd to have such an itching palm; to sell and mart your (self) for gold to underservers...

Quote universally attributed to Alice Roosevelt Longworth, who could be your mom for all I know.

late to the party, but isn't the most troubling thing in the book the fact that Werner thought Pedroia is "sexy"? #YIKES

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