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A tip o' the tricorn

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, the perennial contendah, Tom Brady.


With all due respect to the college kid, it's now time for the adult version starring Tommy Football.


We need this.


Fuck yeah we do.



They keep playing like they did yesterday and I believe we'll have it, too.

Ah, can we tell the Ravens' Ray (So, shut up already) Lewis never more?
OK, doctor, I'll go quietly...

Just woke up. In addition to the usual exhaustion caused by pre- and post-tailgates and and the no-sit, all-scream game itself, my buddy locked his keys in the trunk. So we got to wait a few hours after the game waiting for roadside assistance. Or in this case, grill-side assistance.

What's with Brady not wearing a helmut when they come out of the tunnel at the game intros-every other Patriot has one on-Tom gets to wear a retro Pat Patriot snow hat. What's next, is he going to wear his Ugg's on the bench in between series?

@Chip - The equipment mgr hands it to him at bench. He has been fine tuning/doublechecking the radio inside. "Tommy can you hear me?" Oh, that - and Brady just came from the toboggan run at Gstaad. Hot cocoa anyone?

Go Pats!

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