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A long season keeps getting longer

Welcome to the hottest new reality show, "The Housewives of Yawkey Way."


Now John Henry is back lamenting that the "privacy code" was broken when somebody leaked the "secret meeting" details to Passan that prompted the text message breakup story.


I love the irony of the Red Sox front office getting on a high horse about honor and codes when they had Shaughnessy et al on speed dial last year to throw out chum about Tito being philanderah and drug addict as they ran him out town.


And, of course, Henry says all the playahs love Valentine.


I'll help John Henry pick out a scarf for his wife if he admits that hiring Bobby V was a mistake.


Yeah, the Valentine decision is a classic case of cutting off the nose to spite the face.


Hiring Valentine was more like plugging up the anus to spite the colon.



Kind of like the Bill-Ochocinco experiment??

Right. Roberto Veet is the butt and Ocho is the headbutt.

"And the sellout streak continues."

"Plugging up the anus to spite the colon.//

Classic. And a real clubhouse problem. Maybe we should send this along to the Red Sox clubhouse attendants:


Removing scorch marks from leather? Who knew? Bob, you are truly a fountain of information ;)))

Not quite sure I want to know how you came by this knowlege though ;D

Now that's a handy tip, should I ever lose control of my bowels on my leather couch. I shall file that solution away with my two favorites: mayonnaise gets out water rings on wood and a paper towel soaked in vinegar left in a room will eliminate most odors. (Seriously, the latter is the best tip ever- my dog sitter smoked his brains out when we were in Memphis- we returned to an apartment that smelled like a Charlestown dive bar pre-smoking ban). One paper towel soaked in vinegar and 15 minutes later- all gone!)

What? We're getting Bartolo back?

Nat? Um. I don't want to spoil your innocence or anything but I suspect fecal stains in question aren't from accidental defecation.

Mr.Sanchez,paging Mr.Sanchez.

where the fuck is T.S. Eliot when you need him.

Oh yeah, Glenn Geffner hates us, too.



Re removing fecal matter... Did you see the scene in Hall Pass where the girl sneezed in the bathroom? Thats what this whole season feels like. Solve one problem.... We need a lot of baking soda and saddle soap.

Oh, and good riddance to one Kelly Shoppach. Never liked his preference for getting hit vs getting hits. The rest of existance may hate us, but that move makes me hate us just a wee bit less

Naah, we are condemned to being on most people's shit lists for quite a while. Dirty secret: It's the Patriots fault. ssshhhhh.
My Brit gal pal returned to find her "flat"(apartment to those of you from Rox'bry) about as she'd left it. She was disappointed she didn't find a tip. "She could have left me something besides a footballers number (Soccer player for those of you in Braintree).
Her solution to crapping on a leather davenport (sofa to those of you in Fall Rivah)? "Drop it off at a charity shop."

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