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We are moving, final destination unknown

Your creepy host has found himself with nothing to say this morning…

Green Line Announcement:
Next stop [garbled]... [garbled] next stop.



Reminds me of the Orange line yesterday. We were delayed at Downtown Crossing, and the operator kept announcing, "We will be holding here until we leave."

Uh, ya think?

That is the best line evah!

It's so absolutely irrefutable, something we all can agree upon!

Wow. It's the yin to the yang of "this statement is false."

One is perfectly logical and consistent, the other dark and contradictory.

"I wouldn't want to be a member of a club that would have someone like me as a member"

-G. Marx

Apt title ;(

The most reliable part ot the Orange line is the Ashmont-Mattapan shuttle, whose equipment averages 65 years of service. Teddy Ballgame's Sox were in a post World Series "slump" in 1947, just another year, but eerily like 2008, which was eerily like 2005, which was eerily like 1987, which was eerily like 1976, which was eerily like 1968. Need I go on?.

cmdrflake - are they still using the old pcc's over there? (Ashmont-Mattapan) I've been away from Boston for ever... Just wondering...

Ashmont-Mattapan is part of the Red Line (although the cars were orange). Larry, the Ashmont-Mattapan shuttle uses refurbished PCCs that used to run on the Green Line. And on a final note, Ashmont-Mattapan is the only rail line that runs directly through a cemetery.

IMHO, Bob know a little too much about trains. Just saying'.

The Boeing cars that replaced the PCCs on the green line have been gone for quite a while. They were junk when I was barhopping during the '70's when the Boeings were new. The Green Line's current cars now are showing signs of aging, like 'Tek last year.
What's wrong with knowing too much about anything morally neutral?

Thanks cmdr and bob. I'm a train geek too. Love the pccs.

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