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Summer Holiday (Place holder 03)

Your omniscient author in absentia:
The Soxaholix are on vacation and will return on Monday, July 9.



So, who's jazzed about this Yanks series? Anyone, anyone.... Bueller?

Here in chez Natalie the apathetic one (me) wants to watch just for the baseball of it all, while the still passionate one (him) fears for his blood pressure and refuses to watch. It's a sorry state in RSN right now, so I am restocking the bus, bigtime. I mean, there's legitimately no one who's NOT on the bus at this point, right?

Also, who's in charge of keeping his eye out for Bobby V sightings in the area so PaPesky or I (depending on who's at the wheel) can mow him down? (Yes, I know the bulk of our problems are injury-related, but blind seething hatred is not rational).

Natalie, I'm calling him Bobby Veet from now on after your link from last week. And between bong hits and shots I'll keep a bloodshot eye out for those pearly whites so you can get to ramming speed in time for the mow down

I'm up on the Monster for Sat night's game, complete with forecast of severe thunderstorms..... what could possibly go wrong??

Sitting right under one of those metal light towers, Buck? Be sure to pour some beverage under your feet to complete the arc.

dawg daze.

no where to go but down.



I hate big bright teeth and wraps so, not a big fan of the Veet's - but I still have more hatred for LL.

If this weekend is a disaster, HB should bring back the post gorilla strip of Il Duce.

Roberto Veet is mine...MINE,,,MINE! I need some satisfaction out of paying for MLB and the Globe $15 a month to torture myself with this slow collapse. Only my friends who are Phils fans can relate. The headline will read: "How singularly strange. There were no skid marks."

Pa- and then the subhead will read: "Ironic considering the fact the team is one large skid mark!" Also: Roberto Veet is now how I will refer to Bobby V for the rest of time...

Not Robertolph Valentino?

Summer hours are a wonderful thing. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

doubt it

Teh Suck

Ellsbury should be back Friday, Crawford will be back soon with something to prove, almost the entire team gets a stress-free restful all-star week ...

Second half will be better than the first. book it.

*bubbling sound in background*

Nope - Crawford got hurt again. (again) (and again).

Still haven't seen a win in about a year now...

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