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Summer Holiday (Place holder 02)

Your omniscient author in absentia:
The Soxaholix are on vacation and will return on Monday, July 9.



awesome west coast swing.



It's the kind of west coast swing a body gets after hanging.

hanging's too good for this team

Drawing and quartering is so messy but.

A prediction, based on an abiding pessimism and the performances of Moss, Reddich and Coco in this godforsaken Oakland series: Darnell hits a walk off homer on the last day of the first half to give the New York American League team a 10 game lead over the plummeting 'Sawx.

West Coast Swing= suck

The Sox must have a lot of Benny Goodman on their clubhouse playlist.

We watched Transformers Dark Side of Moon and 12 Monkeys the last two nights. I pick movies like the Red Sox hit.

Hey at least Joey Chestnut came thru in the clutch. No LOB for that guy

For Joey Chestnut, LOB means Left On Bun.

Dustin Pedroia appears to be going on a vacation to the DL. :(


I wouldn't want to play the DL team; they're good.

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