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Still halfway (done or started?)

So long Ernest Borgnine...


Sigh. And so long to my idea for a prequel to Fever Pitch with Borgnine as Grady Little and Chris Rock as the left in too long Pedro.


Speaking of movies, you heard Bobby Valentine is a producer?


Why not? The guy invented the wrap sandwich for chrissakes. His creativity knows no bounds.


Valentine aside, I want to see it.


Beisbol, tropical island paradise, hints of MLB as colonialist oppressah... what's not to like?



GIven no real beisball to discuss today, maybe we can instead contemplate what would happen if a pitcher could throw a ball at 90% the speed of light.

I would have felt better if BV's movie was the unlikely tale of coming back from adversity and strife to achieve the ultimate goal. "In a world without pitching..."

Staying put on the bus ...

Valentine pulling a Paul Thomas Anderson? Nice work:

Was there a fight?


Veet's movie with a RealDoll?

I'd see that.

Hell, I'd pay £12 for that noise.

(The RealDoll, obviously. More acting talent than most)

It could be worse, Dopey Valentiie could move downunder:


Plus, Kansas have my new favourite fans.

hey sdu, don't hold your breath waiting for the octomom. It seems like she has a hard time following through on commitments (like jobs that will pay her $$) and based on the comments section of the article you posted, she has been "defamed" by your fellow aussies.


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