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Reminder: Today's strip wouldn't be possible without government infrastructure

Hey, how come we can't get guys like that?


As soon as that trade was made you knew there were gonna be nights like last night.


Before we staht taking nominations for secretary and treasurer of the Kevin Youkilis fan club can we step back a second and consider the following timeline:


Youks was pretty lousy, then he was less lousy, then he hit a small hot strek, then he gets traded and is pretty lousy for 7 games, then he goes red hot ovah a 6 game stretch—All Star Break— goes fish cold for the KC series, then comes into Boston and warms up a bit.


Anothah way of saying hahd to say if this is a trend upwards or just the fallacy of the small sample size.


Yeah, well, don't let @chefyouk here you say that.


Seriously. Bro will spit in your risotto while the rice is toasting.


Speaking of nutty... Theo's stalkah?


Ah, that's it— She's no stalkah; she's the "Ghost of Shortstops Past"!



I was hoping you'd bring the title of the strip into the content a little more. Don't you feel lazy, leaching off the government and not thanking them for researching things like the internet and the color green?

In other news, I can't get over the Herald stalker article: it uses the word "interwebs" unironically.

You mean the Al Gore invented internet? It must have come to him when his chakra was released. :-)

I could write this: You are using computers hooked up to the internet, which WE set up and WE paid for, and and WE educated you... Channeling my inner Squaw, Lizzie Warren. Near Mudville there's a "Nation" that acts like people of a certain nationality, which uses terms like "Goomba", "Cuzz", an' "Honey Buns", and gather in places like New Jersey. I 'll bet Lizzie never called anyone Goomba, Cuzz or Honey Buns. She ain't the type no how. (PUN INTENDED)

The stalker's mug shot is a classic. She's got her hands on her hips with that "but Theo and I are FRIENDS" look of exasperation on her face (along with the look of "I'm 35 but look 55 because of my love of smokes, Old Thompson and the Jenny Crank diet").

Ah, Old Thompson. Happy 75th Birthday to Hunter S. Thompson, who found baseball terminally boring.
I believe that He's a sippin' Wild Turkey with Old Nick (Mestopheles)or Lucifer and exchanging stories of human frailty and greed.
"Pleased to meet you/Hope you guess my name/But, what's puzzlin' you/ Is the nature of my game....."

Want to comment properly but cannot get over the spitting in risotto thing...ugh. You'd NEVER know. Never.

It's that small phallus sample size,Pseudo ;D

Regarding strip title, agreed. It would not be possible. The problems dont negate the value of the good stuff. Too many want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Ever tried to get shit done in a backwater place with a "not our fucking problem" form of goverment?

Which brings us to the redsox. We have a fine roster, better than many, with a few problems. But we seem to have a manager who thinks he invented baseball, an ownership who thinks they built a fanbase all by themselves (fuckwads dont get that we were here before them and will be around long after) and a GM who thinks he knows what he is doing just because he used to watch someone else with actual vision do things. Our manager is a rooster who is occasionally awake when the sun rises and lets all know what HE did. Our ownership knows baseball business but nothing about baseball. Our GM has no vision - he seems to think one playing card is as good as the next, only ever seeing the old fashioned bicycles (1 youk for 2 jokers! I got two cards, you only got one!) Our owners threw the baby out and kept the bathwater. Trying hard to ignore the work done by others that made their success possible.

I love the redsox, but damnit, sometimes... To the moon!

You hit the nail on the head and smashed it right through the board Jeff. Well said.

Wish I had said it myself.

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