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On the horns of a dilemma

Olivia Wilde? Oh, yes, please.


Josh Beckett Wild? I do not want!


Seriously, if Josh Beckett were any more wild he'd be on display at Whole Foods between the harpoon-caught swordfish and hand-harvested Peruvian quinoa.


So we are officially fucked. 2012 is gone. 2013 isn't looking any bettah without some renovations. But we can't "blow up" the team because our veterans nearly no value.


The Red Sox Twitter account has 2 new followers: @Scylla and @Charybdis.



True that h.b.

Can we start by running Bobby "I learned pitching management from Grady Little" Valentine out of town first?

Hard left tiller. Let's call it a season.

At this point I'm just hoping for my pre-season prediction of 84 wins and 4th in the AL East...

James - Going 35 and 28 over the remainder of the season seems like a stretch. Have to think the team will run a lot of players up from the minors in September.

I'm scared to go back and look at my pre-season prediction.

da kine - 92 wins. Bet with your head, never your heart.

The following lyrics have been modified from their original version. They have been formatted to fit this screen, to run in the time allotted and edited for content...

Patience runs out on the junkie
The dark side hires another soul
Did he steal his fate or earn it
Was he force-fed, did he learn it
Whatever happened to his precious self control

These are the horns of the dilemma
What truth is proof against all lies
When sacred fails before profane
The wisest man is deemed insane
Even the purest of romantics compromise

- Victim or the Crime

Fucking redsox. They need to sell, give a black eye to their veterans who think ownership should back their crap play with more hirings. As a friend of mine is fond of saying, "do your best, I expect more"

Oh, man, 81-81 looks like a stretch. This is a scary team to play for, since when you screw up, a bunch of demented crazies say nasty stuff about you.
(The original quote, straight from Hunter S. Thompson: "When what you write has shit thrown at it, understand that they (critics) are often just as demented and crazy as you are.")
Beckett has a look that would give one pause during a bar fight.

There's nothing to look forward to. Consider the epic August/September Red Sox swoons of years past. It's going to get really ugly this year.

98 wins? Seems I'll only be off by 20+ wins. On the plus side, that's a better performance than what Beckett's been farting up lately. (Relax Bob, relax, you're on a mini vacation, not a maxi pad.)

I will forgo any hopes of making the playoffs in exchange for someone depositing Joba Chamberlain's 1st pitch somewhere on Jerome Street this weekend.

hb, take friday off. Tell them I verified it, and I'm cool with it. Take monday, too since the ESPN game won't end until around 12:30 or so.
Ellsbury could take Joba the hutt deep. But, only YES is available here in Mudville. UGH!

LC - I think this is your not-so gentle hint to up prices on sunset rentals. After this weekend, there is likely to be a mad rush.

If you have been to Fenway this summer - an update? Has a general malaise set into the place or is it business as usual? This is my first year since 2004 without some sort of MLB package.

Well at least Josh Reddick is having a good year. Oh wait, he's in Oakland now. Pass the bong Natalie.

duly noted; inventory being stocked, in multiple sizes, shapes and vessels for tears.



"in the main we die 7 times more slowly than our dogs"(Jim Harrison)...unless you are a Red Sox fan. Tie me to the fucking whipping post then lead me to the bus.

Yaz, I was at Sunday's debacle. Not only could I not find a taker for my third ticket, but the people who sit next to me in the bleachers every game left the ballpark in the third inning. Some girls tried to start the wave in the 6th or 7th inning and some guy came down from behind me and yelled at them until they gave up.

The tide is definitely turning at the ballpark and the waves are getting rough.

yet, the "distribution streak" of "sold out" games continues. Is that my pet goat or are there chains rattling in the graveyard?



yaz- I was at last friday's game. Bleacher creatures started a wave- in the 3rd inning...

Hot topics of convo were the beautiful sunset and how many kilometers the numerous Jays fans drove. Since when did Fenway turn into Toronto south?

Is it 12/21 yet??

lc, I doubted you...I thought you were being unduly harsh...You were right all along...I was wrong...Natalie, stop the damn bus, or at least slow it down.

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