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Oh, OK, now it's "statement" time! Woot.

Hitting for powah... Ur not doin it right, Sweeney!


You know things are abysmal when guys are punching walls aftah being robbed of a mere single.


Yeah, you also know reached some nadir when the normally caustic Boston media realizes negative it the new normal so they try to go positive to stand out as in this one from the Globe:

"With Tuesday's trade deadline looming, the Sox are hitting a stride, and could make a statement Tuesday night against Justin Verlander."


A "statement?" Really?


Sigh. At least we still have Pedroia to feel good about this summah.


Yeah, but can we get a reverse gooch on this from Valentine: "Dustin is the most determined and talented player I’ve ever seen."


I mean I don't want to wake up tomorrow and find the Pedey's been diagnosed with the West Nile Virus.



This whole team is comprised of Spinal Tap drummers!
Good old NBC did it again, tipping off the "We don't wanna know gang." with swimming results. If I miss a Sox game I know they lose, like when they face Verlander, there is no tip off problem. They'll be lucky to get a run. But the Tabbie's bullpen is as predictable as the T deciding to do something negative, like service cuts, fare increases or a new "Charley Card", which kills off the current ones. Ya read it heah.

I predict the next Sox disaster will be mosquitoes with EEE breeding in the whirlpools. Or we'll find out that the Wally costume is rife with ticks carrying Lyme disease. (Maybe that could account for the bullseye on so many players' backs.)

Once again, the AL East consists of 5 teams all at 0.500 or above. Now, we're the only division like that (previously in the season, the NL East was doing its best impression of us).

I wonder what the latest in any season an entire division remained at 0.500 or above is. Anybody with easy access to historical records (Pinto?) able to determine that?

This season reminds me of Malkovich in 'Rounders': Dees team, they've got alligator blood. Dey keep hanging around, and hanging around

Apparently teams will only consider a Beckett trade if the Sox throw in Mike Lowell.

I heard they found a team at would take Beckett if the sox threw in a chicken farm, but Beckett 10 and 5'd it becuase the chicken farm was in a dry county.

Tosspot ;D

Nice contributions from the peanut gallery! Gold stars all around! You guys made my day...And of course, you too H.B.

Being in a dry county is a ticket to ride, provided you are "properly connected". The counties around Houston and the DFW metroplex all are nice and wet. But, the "alkie (sic) tax" is on the high side. Beckett likely is "properly connected".
I can't see him accepting a trade anywhere other than the two teams in Texas.

Has there been a more underwhelming trade deadline in recent memory? Or have I just done too many bong hits on the bus to last place?

A little something for LC:


//The Red Sox have acquired lehanded reliever Craig Breslow from Arizona for righthander Matt Albers and outfielder Scott Podesdnik.

A member of the Red Sox for 13 games in 2006, Brewslow has a 2.70 ERA and a 1.18 WHIP in 40 appearances.//

You got Ichi-who?
Ha ha, joke's on you, New York!
Bitch, we got Breslow!

The Rangers got Dempster.

Interesting little tidbit: Podsednik leaves Boston with the highest batting average (.387) of any player in Red Sox history who has had a minimum of 50 at bats.

Craig Breslow. Well, that'll sure sell a lot of jerseys across the street.

My team is run by tosspots.

My American Cousins,

It did my heart good to listen to you rip the tosspots at NBC. The problem is that the rest of the world that has access to NBC (like Canada) cringe at the Must-be-all-about-USA-at-all-costs and think the the American viewing public are all buying into that approach. There is certainly nothing wrong with profiling your own athletes or showing a lot of "home" coverage. Our CTV network and two of the national sport channels do the same thing BUT, the Canadian channels are supplying blanket coverage during the day, so you can see it live, as well as tape delay at night. That allows for a lot more coverage of other nations and their stories.

Total props to you guys because you will finish 1st or 2nd in the medal standings and should be proud of your accomplishments, but the NBC Rah-Rah tosspots, ruin the Olympic experience. As you already pointed out, you miss a lot of other interesting angles and the rest of the world gets the wrong impression that you are poor-winners.

Anyway, I am now happy to point out to the odd American-bashers that the American public or at least the enlightened creeps that haunt this site, "get it"!

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