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I didn't write this.

So was that an anothah example of scoring lots of runs when they aren't needed?


Maybe, but I'll take it.


You know what else I'll take? The surprising rise of Felix Doubront.


The first 10 game winnah among 2012 Red Sox stahtahs. I did not see that coming.


Guess I shouldn't be so surprised. I've always found that having a doobie on hand can leads to all mannah of the unexpected.


And in the realm of the not unexpected, Carl Crawford is still all pouty face ovah Tito dropping him in the batting ordah so quickly in 2011.


Says his confidence spiraled into the shittah aftah that.


Any word on whethah Francona made the rostah change on a Monday?


Hey, I'm just askin' is all...



If I were the Sox and the Crawford for Hanley Ramirez/Heath Bell trade were on the table, I'd sign so fast Carl's head would spin.

There is a genuine disconnect in the Sox clubhouse between upper management and field management. The players are a bunch of spoiled divas. Just making it into this line up is an achievement. Carl should shut up and play. Bobby V. is not aware he is running an opera company as much as it is a baseball team!
Besides, a nine run lead can be blown. Think September, 2011 and April 2012.

I'd do the trade, too, but only if the Sox don't have to pay most of Crawford's salary. Hell, any of it.

So the First Amendment doesn't apply to off-duty police officers?

Imagine if pay actually equaled production.

Season predictions. Just back from vacation. Would have liked to have done this at the All-Star break but ... Currently the team is at 47-45 (.511). So the lower end of the early season predictions (followed by required winning percentage over the remainder of the season) is:

Natalie - 86 wins (.557)

Soxinsix - 85 wins (.543)

Chip - 85 wins (.543)

James - 84 wins (.529)

cmdrflake - 81 wins (.486)

It looks like James and cmdrflake are going to fight it out to the end. Anything above 86 wins seems like a stretch.

Jesus, it's crazy that 86 wins now seems optimistic. Fuck this team and especially fuck Roberto Veet.

In more important news, RLimbaugh says that the liberal media had the foresight to name the villian in The Bat Man "Bane" just to tar and feather poor Mitt Romney.

In related news, in 1954, I adopted the word "goat" to describe all members of the human race.



So I have a son who has a smart mouth much like his dad. I struggle to keep him on sports teams or at least in good standing on his teams. He is 12. I am constantly hearing how his behaviour can be a distraction to the "team".

So how the fudge does Carl Crawford make it all the way through the little leagues to the big league if he pouts every time his mojo gets nudged? If he was actually any good, you would say his talent makes the bullshit worth it. However, that answer does not apply here.

You think we could package Beckett, Lester, Bucholz, Matsuzaka, and Veet for a Bryce Harper autographed pine tar bat? We could throw in some cash to make it fair.

But we have this guyin the minors.

if you don't want to click through - 18th round pick is 0-37 with 36 strikeouts. I don't think I am going out on a limb when I say I could at least put the ball in play a few times at the A ball level.

I dunno, COD. It's tempting to say that we could all put the ball in play at that level, but I recently hit the batting cages at Chelsea Pier and tried my hand at 75mph fastballs. I managed to get bat on ball TWICE only (foul balls), and that's not even accounting for breaking stuff. Poor guy, someone needs to shoot him, put him out of his misery.

He's actually a 5-star DB headed to the University of Oregon in the fall. For some reason, the Red Sox are giving him $100K to strike out this summer. Can't say I blame him - I'd do it too.

Can we throw Veet into the proposed Crawford deal to,er, sweeten the pot?

How about if we just throw some Veet on him-that should get him moving ;O

Any trade with Crawford will have to leave some of Crawford's salary with the Sox. A salary dump, that most NFL teams carry out regularly is not allowed by the CBA baseball is stuck with. So, The Sox could have a very large amount of dead money, paying guys on other teams or on long term/permanent disability. OUCH!
*81 wins is doable, given the highly uneven levels of performance of the Sox starters. (9 by last count, 5 active, 3 on the DL and 1 in purgatory)

Dead money = Lackey

Also: am I the only one who had NO idea that Monday is a racial slur? I was completely mystified to find out THAT term was what Carl was so "disappointed" by.

Natalie, that's a new one on me too.

Can the Red Sox hire Rick Monday as a broadcaster?

You didn't read much Garfield growing up, did you Natalie? That cat was a raging racist.

Monday? Huh? I wouldn't believe it but Urban Dictionary confirmed it.

It was news to me too.

Now is "Tuesday" a slur against fat people?

Jackie Robinson laughs?

So now I can quote Samuel L in polite company? "Shit, Monday, thats all you had to say!" " Go back in there, chill them Mondays out and wait for the cavalry which should be coming directly" Or is this unacceptable? What if I am smiling when I say it? If its Monday and someone asks me what day it is, what do I say? Cant keep track. Who came up with this one anyway? Is Fridayafternoonbeercart a slur against ad men? If I say Sunday Morning am I insulting your mom? (i stole that, but its pretty dam funny).

And dont forget, give a big hand to Fred Willard (look it up, recent news).


I hope this doesn't get me kicked off the bus, but I kind of like that "3-run Rosser" guy.

lc, I guffawed out loud at your "goat" comment....I kid you not

you are bumming me out with the stoke-the-racism post, soxaholix. Its not like the Red Sox have a racist past or anything. Give Crawford a break. The Sox offered him the contract -- he's not going to take it? Like John Henry is hurting for cash now?

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