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Here we are now

Well, so much for that American League dominance.


Hey, on the bright side... The beauty of sitting in last place is it's highly unlikely loss of home field advantage in the World Series will have much effect on our fortunes.


Yay us!


So who sees a 2nd half surge?


I dunno... I'm feeling more of a 2nd verse same as the first tune playing in my head.


Yeah, I feel as if I may as well just cut to the chase and, you know, pack up my things and move in with Brad Pitt's mom.



A surge? Maybe like the one after the Japanese earthquake.

Justin Verlander now does a great Josh Beckett!
I'd be willing to bet he did not order the Popeyes $9.49 Midweek special.

Seriously does anybody spend 3+ hours of their life watching the Home Run Hitting Contest anymore. It might be time to scrap the entire thing. How bout more interleague games against the Diamondbacks?

The D-Backs would have a surge at Fenway, and take 3 of 4 with "uncharicteristic" hitting. They might be buying and the Sox are gonna sell. They could ask for Lars Anderson, relatively cheap contract, fair defense, can't hit in the show, get a pitcher, like J.J. Putz, granted he'd never see a pressure situation more than three times a week. I do know he theives under pressure. There is a lot of that in Fenway. Then the Sox toss in a deep prospect or Dice-K when he comes off the DL for a guest shot before returning to the DL.

Thieves: urban, (n): To steal anything at any time. "Can you use that in a sentence?" He thieves out there.
Has been used to describe basketball players like Hondo in his prime, a pickpocket's pickpocket.

I don't even know who won the HR contest. I could look it up, but that would imply that I care.

Has Verlander even given up 5 hits in a game against the Red Sox, let alone 5 runs in an inning?

Sox versus Verlander earlier this year:

Five runs on 10 hits with one walk and seven strikeouts in six innings of work.

Can we get 4 new players instead of just 3 if I show you my ace? I dont see how just back from DL outfielders are going to inspire our pitchers to be a show worthy staff. And just think, after this seeming debacle we get to look forward to the services of Lackey next year. Check the oil and tires Natalie, this bus gonna need to be on the road for awhile methinks.

I thought the link would show how hot Brad Pitt's mom was for her age. Sadly, that wasn't the case.

Thanks for the Herman's Hermits reference HB!

Sox ERA so far this year is 4.22 ... that's bad but it's not *that* bad. 4 is about average. And the offense is second only to Texas in runs scored.

I feel like the problem is that the the Sox never seem to get good pitching when the batters are hitting, or vice versa. So we can lose 2-3 to Oakland and then lose 8-10 the next game. That kind of crap is a bit of luck and may correct itself.

432 runs scored and 389 runs given up "should be" about a 55% winning percentage.

I'm John Henry the 8th,I am??

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