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h.b. extends his weekend

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Out of town, long weekend. See you tomorrow (Tuesday).



Jon, Take some time and recharge. You'll be on the 15 day for shoulder stiffness.
Bobby, you can't fix this mess, so we're re-assigning you to the (Your guess is as good as mine) department.
Channelling my inner Ben Charington.
Ben, This is a train wreck. Fix it before things get worse.
Channelling my inner John Henry.

On the upside, the yankees were swept in four games against the A's.

Something fun to yak about? Or yak up?

London Calling. We can ignore this team for the next few weeks.

How about the rest of the season?

London? I thought hating on the Olympics was all the rage with the cool kids this year? It's too commercial, too professional, blah blah blah.

You have to get your rhythmic gymnastics fix in private now.

So Penn State didn't get the Death Penalty, but many think the penalties are far worse. The Living Dead Penalty?

I'm now 0-for-7 going to Red Sox games this year.


I am so conflicted about the Penn State sanctions. On the one hand I feel that the appropriate response to such systemic corruption and moral turpitude would be to kill football entirely- it's clearly cancerous, excise the tumor. But then I think of how many people PSU football employs, its impact on the local ecomony, and think perhaps its better (as the NCAA has done) just to humble it- radiation treat out a fair amount of money/prestige and hope for the best. That said, Paterno's wins being vacated and statue torn down has made me happy- what a colossal fucker that man was.

It was a very long weekend...I don't want to see Toronto again.

Sox are back at .500 again- this could be a three-day week for h.b. if the series against the Rangers goes badly...

15 runs... I am back to an old analogy for this team and season and its a wicked case of jock itch. I really want to love my balls, i do love my balls, but goddammit, just when you've had a decent couple days, the pain and discomfort are subsiding, you can bring your feet 6" closer together now when you walk, ahhhh happydays are coming again :):):) whammo! One fucking hot sweaty day and you are right back to intense burning and frustration. Tighten up, hang loose - nothing helps these boys. This team needs ointment and lots of it.

what is on the bus to help erase the image Jeff just burned into my mind?

I opted to watch the HOF induction ceremony yesterday rather than listen to that farce of a ball game from fenway. Despite Vicki Santo's wonderful speech, I could not help but feel so sad that Ronnie was not there to enjoy the moment.

And Hunter, it will be a 3 day weekend for HB. I don't forsee the sox playing well in Texas. Nope. don't see it at all.

They NEVER play well in Texas. Why would this year's Men of Veet edition be any different?

The over under on Texas runs/game is 8.5! 'Nuf said. Lester's a head case, and needs to flee to a neutral country before the secret police send him to the gulag.



Ichiro to Yanks.
As Red Sox crumble and fall.
The bus is for me.


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