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Different day, same record

Hey, how was vacation?


Ah, you know how it is...


I went to NH for a t-shirt, and all I got was this lousy racial slur.


Christ, does this mean Crawford gets another 60-Day extension on the DL for "hurt feelings"?


All I know is that it's called Lake *Winn*ipesaukee and not Lake *Whine*ipesaukee.


So the Red Sox stahted the season at .500, went to the quarter mahk at .500, and now, halfway thru they are at .500... Am I sensing a trend here?


Seriously, let me get this straight? We quite possibly have found the Higgs Boson Particle but we aren't even close to finding out what's wrong with the Red Sox?


Look, relax...


There's nothing wrong with the Red Sox that 86 years can't cure.



And the bus keeps a-rolling...

At least this creepy strip remains a bright spot in an otherwise dismal season. Welcome back, hb!

Where have you Tito? Red Sox Nation turns it's lonely eyes to you ;O

Tito is as clueless as the rest of us, based on his meandering chatter on ESPN last night. Orel Hershiser (Known for his unique brand of cluelessness) lived down to his reputation for banal droning. The whole thing made "Ice Road Truckers" bearable. Those guys are bitching like A-Fraud and Markie Tex. At least I could understand why the truckers were pissed off. The Bronx Babies have no excuse for their whining.

The official car of the Boston Red Sox:


86 Series-less beers on the wall, 86 Series-less beers, take one down and pass it around, 86 Series-less beers

85 Series-less beers on the wall, 85 Series-less beers, take Crawfish down and pass him around, 85 Series-less beers.

84 Series-less beers on the wall, 84 Series-less beers, take Beckett and pass him around, 84 Series-less beers.

83 Series-less beers on the wall, 83 Series-less beers, take Lackey down and pass him around, 83 Series-less beers.

And repeat, until sated.


lc, Thanks for memories of a long ago night in camp, when an older brother smuggled in some 'Gansett. A long love affair began, but not with 'Gansett. I have some taste.
We are at 83 years, with 82 going like most of the '60's.

Well at least the biggest takeaway from that debacle was Ciriaco. The guy's got energy and serious promise. Thank God for small miracles.

And Tito? He can't help this team because the team didn't want his help anymore. They need a common sense and consideration enema. But I was shocked at his apologism toward Jeter for that dropped ball.

Look on the bright side - at least we have a batshit crazy reliever spouting off and making an ass of himself.

Tito guaranteed us that Jeter would not make another error last night because he would be so focused. Then he promptly bobbled the exchange from glove to hand allowing Pedro to beat out a routine grounder to SS. The official scorer called it a hit - which is a joke.

Yakked it up with a MFY fan at the Schilthorn today. James Bond wept.

Was it Bern-ie Williams?

Ganz launig, Bob.

more from the bright side! If we have another 86-year wait ahead of us, it counts from 2007, so we only have to wait until 2093!

Hey, optimism doesn't come naturally to me, I'm still growing into the role ...

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