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Buy high, sell low.

Hey, how's that post All Star break resurgence working out for ya?


I think it's time for spectaculonormous trade deadline yayd sale.


Yeah, but at a Red Sox yayd sale it's gonna be like pulling up to curb and seeing that what's being offerred includes used underwear, a pair of dentures, and a funeral wreath (only used once!).


Oh, c'mon, we've got guys with trade value, look at Ellsbury. And Salty.


I dunno... Texas is hungry to get back to the World Series and they just lost Colby Lewis for the season... they might be a little desperate.


Really? Somehow I can't picture Nolan Ryan and "desperate" existing in the same universe.


Yeah, you've got a point. If Nolan Ryan drives up to your metaphorical yahd sale, that set of used dentures erupts into spontaneous teeth chattering.



Great strip, H.B. So who's the moth-eaten sweater of the Red Sox? Beckett? "Unless you look closely, you can barely notice that ERA. Just wear an old Wild Card Winners t-shirt under it."

Who then is the $10 painting that you buy at a yard sale and later take to Antiques Roadshow, where you learn that it is worth $75,000. Because that is the guy we'll ending up dealing away.

Oh, go Nationals. I live in DC. I can actually root for a winner this year.

At least Pats training camp is right around the corner.

I've got nothing on the Sox- I am glad we bailed on the game last night after Salty's homerun in favor of other pursuits. On a different subject, and staying spoiler free, was anyone else who saw The Dark Knight Rises as disappointed as I was? For all its amazing spectacle and visual grace and despite how much Hardy and Hathaway kicked ass (although never approaching the genius of Ledger's Joker), the final "twists" were SO predictable I wished they'd come in Act 1, the plot holes numerous, and one character's death moment so hilarious I laughed out loud. What did you guys think?

Cod, With Strasburg closing in on his innings limit (How bogus is that?) Josh Beckett is available for the right price. He might thrive in the steambath on the Potomac. Jon Lester is a haed case, Clay Buchholz is used up and an argument for the Nats innings ceiling on Strasburg. He'd be the same price, perhaps less than Beckett. Jon and Josh ought to know, Popeyes is three blocks away from Nats Park, provided the SS has not set up a security checkpoint along the way.

Duh, I forgot to look and called Lester a haed case, oops. He is a head case. And, The Popeye's in DC is not there now? Oh, well. Next question.

It looks like the closest Popeye's to Nationals Park is Capitol Hill.

At least we got our bricks.

I just realized it's July 24th, or as we refer to it in my house.

We Don't Throw At .260 Hitters Day.

HUGE trade news!

Brent Lillibridge for Indian's minor-league pitcher Jose De La Torre.

This is going to change everything.

HAHAHA, Bob, great minds think alike. I just texted the bf basically the same thing, although I said "Wow, Cherington's really lighting the world on fire. Watch out!"

Next on The History Channel: "Cod Stahs" featuring John Henry as "The Old Man", Larry Lucchino as "Luscious" and Ben Cherrington as "Chumley"...

Trailer Begins:

Chumley: I got this mint condition lefthander, John Lestah.

Seattle GM: Are you looking to pawn him or sell him.

Chumley: Um, sell him I guess.

Seattle GM: OK What are you looking for?

Chumley: Felix Hernandez

Seattle GM: Um, that's not gonna happen.

Chumley: OK, then Ichiro.

SGM: Too late, little feller.

[cut to parking lot]

VO (Chumley)"I was hoping to get a front line pitcher, so that me and my wife could have a nice dinner at Olive Garden"

[cut back to store]

SGM: I'll give you a bag of balls.

Chumley: Um, ok.

SGM: Let's go over here and I'll write you up.

[cut to parking lot]

Chumley: well, maybe I saved my job. At least I came out of here with more than I went it with.

lc may have gotten the charicters backawrds, but LMFAO anyhow. The Sox are a sleazy little hole in the casbah, or the Bazaar on (Whatever the name of the planet Princess Leia was "shopping" on)these days as far as having players to sell. Spoiler alert: she was looking for YKW! Best version since the original: Family Guy's take off,(II) wicked assed funny.

I did get the characters backward, but that's the "twist" in "Cod Stahs"

RIP, Sherman Helmsley. First Weezie and now George? Man, I feel old.

Sorry, Hemsley, not Helmsley

At least he died on a Tuesday.

We'll always have Florida ;D

Those teeth might not chatter if it was Ditka's yahd sale...

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