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Zero zero... oops outta time

I know I should be taking the optimistic view that if you're gonna lose Bailey for 3-4 months it's bettah lose him now than in July...


But the glass is half full and spiked with roofies side of you keeps pointing out that the best on-paper acquisition in an awful offseason doesn't make it out of spring training.




So much for seeing another Red Sox World Series Pennant before the world ends on 12/21/2012.


Yeah, I'm trying to figure out who is the worst prognisticator for future risk—The Mayan Civilization or the Red Sox front office.


I mean on the one hand you have the Mayans who were only off in predicting the collapse of their world by a 1000 years or so...


Or the Red Sox front office who, well... you know...


At least the fucking Mayans invented zero.


Yeah, and we'll be making a lot of use of it around here.



//I'm trying to figure out who is the worst prognisticator for future risk—The Mayan Civilization or the Red Sox front office.//

Classic, H.B.

Is Bob Stanley available?

Theo for Chris Carpenter-what a deal ;O

Great strip, hb. Hey yazbread, can I change my prediction from yesterday?

Soxinsix - sure. Post time is 1:05 Thursday.

I'd like to be Roy Oswalt's agent about now...

Nice job. needed a chuckle today, it's a rough one. Thanks. And I still maintain my completely baseless/senseless optimism for the season.

The Mayan civilization sat on the side of a volcano. The Sox have more than one volcano in their dugout and clubhouse. One of them could go off. My moolah is on Josh Beckett. He will blow up before the end of April, or when Bobby V. pulls him when he is not ready to leave a game. Even money.

I have zero today as I'm more enthralled by the way Mike deftly switches BOTH paper and phone between hands in the first few frames. Never caught that before - well done, HB. Makes me think that Mike would be a nice addition to the 'pen with that kind of dexterity.

Does he come with his own bak't'un?

Tell me, doctor...who did we lose this time?
Is this Fort Myers or Slaughterhouse Five?
All I wanted to do...was try to win another ring

So take Bailey away, I don't mind
But you'd better promise me, He'll be back in time
Gotta get'em back in time

So Aceves is gonna close? Much as I like him in long relief, I'm not sure about this. Put me down for 85 wins, yb.

Is it too soon to start a countdown clock for the trading deadline?

Um, I am sorry that MLK was killed on this day in 1968 (look it up). kind of glad I am taking the year off from beisbol. nothing to see here kids. wait, what was that baseball comment? 1 CUC is a lot more than you think. ( look it up). Alfredo Aceves? really?

god bless al Christians and Rastafarians, not to mention Santerians. I will be around, but do not expect much.


Btw, I love you all, in my own way.


Hb, check spam

Nothing in spam LC except a dude trying to peddle Rolex watches...

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