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What has two thumbs and...

Hey, look, Ma, the Red Sox are all thumbs!


Little Jack Horner
Sat in the corner,
Eating a Red Sox pie;
He put in his thumb,
Spit out his gum,
And said 'To the DL go I'


Seriously. The Sox are likely to open the season with an astonishing nine playahs on the disabled list. Are you friggin kidding me?!


100 wins here we come!



When it comes to the DL the past few years, the Red Sox are redefining the rule of thumb.

And BTW, 96 wins, not 100.

Make your predictions as to wins and place in the division. I'll scribble them down and the winner can wear the yellow jersey in the off-season. I am going for 87 wins and 4th place.

But Lackey on the DL is like a net increase in 3 productive players, so is like they have only 6 on the DL.

I'm feeling 90 wins for this team. And good one COD. He epitomizes addition by subtraction.

85 Wins, third place. That's the easy part. Bobby V fired before or after Labor Day?


I'll split the yb and Chip difference and go: 86 wins, 3rd place. Ugh.

5th playoff team so anything is possible. That being said they are in the toughest division in baseball. Another slow start would make it very difficult yet again to make the postseason. 3rd place 88
wins here we come.

Under my thumb,
The squirmin' dog who's just had her day...

92 wins, 2nd place.

Nationals take one of the NL wildcards and make a deep run into the postseason.

Prince Fielder remains fat even in his new home.

Like I said yesterday,3rd place seems about right :(

84 wins and fourth. Please prove me wrong.

96 wins, 2nd place in East.

Three blown saves first time through the rotation and a bad start by Bard makes him the closer. April not looking good (-4), May-June-July decent (+4), big move near the deadline leads to good August (+6) and very good September (+8). 92 wins, 2nd place.

Bobby V is more secure than most managers nowadays. Cherington is the guy on the hot seat, Bobby V is just the entertainment. That he has a better line to the real heads of the team, will compel Ben to look elsewhere later in the year, when the Sox will be in a quest for 81 wins. Who knows, he could be the player guy for a team on hte rise. (LAD?)

I'll echo Steve in MD. Exactly what I was thinking just not as fine tuned. My brain has been on the DL for awhile.

Cherington to the Cubs before Labor Day for a PTBNL. Just hope this time it's Ditka.

James - isn't it "scurvy dog"? And it wouldn't surprise me if scurvy were one of the reasons for somebody going on the DL...

89 and third place. Division is too strong.

Oh, ye of little faith! 98

91 wins and second place.

78 wins if Lackey was healthy.

I thought of a clever baseball comment this morning, but forgot it. My streak is still alive

Okay, I'll play too...

93 wins, 3rd place. Sox make it in as the 2nd wild card, beat the Rays in the play-in game and then loose in the ALDS.

put me down for 94, second, wild card, forgettable playoff run.

99 wins, first place. Collingwood to win the flag.

[Note to self: none of these things will happen.]

PS I am sending Berocca to Bob's mate Reed who I met at Petes Pub in the North End. If anyone needs thes magical hangover cures please let me know.

Check the spam folder, h

I want meat.

They won 90 games with Lackey last year, so ,I'm going with 94 wins and 2nd place.

Booby V will invent a new way to score wins and losses and start declaring wins after the 5th but before his bullpen shits the covers. This will equate to an extra dozen wins for the season and Redsox will be given an honorary spot in the postseason as thanks for the new invention and as special thanks to the redsox owners for substituting the BV pearly whites for the gag inducing mug of Lackey in team promos.

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