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The sausage and Sriracha will taste great either way

Well, today's gonna be a real productive day for the Boston workforce.


Yeah, I thought about just staying home since hahdly nothing's going to get done today...


But, you know, I didn't want Hillary Rosen calling me out and shit.


Well that and the feeling that the home openah is going to be the baseball equivalent of a PRK rocket launch.


Cafahdo tries to tell us that "this is nowhere near the malaise of a year ago" but who the fuck is he kidding?


It's not two different malaise, it's the same fucking ubah malaise that stahted last April and is now extending ad infinitum.


At least there's the Bruins.


Absolutely. Bruins rule.



Happy Friday the 13th(since yesterday went over so well) ;O

...and yes,B's rule-but who knew coach had a dog ;)))

Speaking of Sriracha, a certain person's Facebook page had mention of Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters, a company that makes Sriracha bitters for drinks. Now if only there was a soothing toilet paper for Sriracha ass, I'd be covered.

BTW, I hate malaise almost as much as mayonnaise, but if I had tix I'd be at the game today. Free tix, of course.

Home opener today? Yawn. Great win for the B's last night though!

Just tell Hillary Rosen that staying home to watch baseball is the most important job a man can do.

Kelly's shot reminded me of Ken Hodge blasting it from the wing. As Kelly said in his presser, that shot has all but disappeared from the game. I hope the boo birds are at Fenway today to support their fallen feathered friends.

Rays, Rangers, Yanks - we'll either get straightened out or laid out.

At first I thought the title was a Watergate reference. :-)

Yaz - I thought same reading Kelly's comments. Goalie pads, trapper, blocker...all ought to be trimmed up. It IS like the home run disappeared from the game. B. Hull, J. Lemaire, yeah, Hodge. Bring it back.

What, the ice rink at Fenway is gone?

What's up with Luke Scott? He can't shut up. How can anyone who has the Trop for home field criticize another stadium.
He is such a douche, and he isn't that good either.

It's our dump and we love it.

Luke scott needs a swirly.

Work is f-ing insane today. Especially since I'm not doing any.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Oh no. Luke said more things that will tick people off? No one in my family will be happy about this (or surprised). He played here in the Cape League (and won the HR hitting contest and the HR title that year despite hitting under .200). Great kid, though. Just has a lot of opinions and doesn't hesitate to tell you what they are!

It looks like we are using up this homestand's run allotment all in one game.

I'm listening in on the radio and superstition now dictates that Joe Castiglione has cake during the 8th inning of every red sox game.

Hope the "huge" win was worth losing Ells for 2 months.

Youk says he really isn't hurt.

What a difference a weekend makes. Also, who knew that it was Ellsbury holding back the offense the whole time??

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