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The Agony and the.., er,... wait what?

Hey, I'm just glad these games don't count.


You know, in theory I'm actually OK with the thought of the 2012 club as work in progress and waiting for the whole thing to come together but...


But that is based on the presumption that they are toiling away on an eventual masterpiece...


Sistine Ceiling? More like we're gonna wake up one day and discovah they've been working on Solyndra.



When does the baseball seasons start?

It's more like priming the ceiling of a crack house.

What this team needs is a stimulus package. I'm thinking maybe $787 for chicken and beer on the next homestand to prime the pump and get the engine running again.

Can I please vent about artificial surfaces? I fucking hate them. It changes the game, it allows for way too many cheap infield hits. Plus, it makes our great hallowed pastime look like arena football.

Anyhow, Bard looked good I would say. A lot of those hits were cheap turf seeing-eye singles. But his fastball had a lot of movement and his offspeed pitches were working. I feel like with his stuff, he should think about maybe brushing back a guy once in a while. You know, make them think twice about getting too comfortable. Pedro can show him how it's done....

Great strip, hb. The Solyndra Sox - love it.

On pace to win 32 games. Karmic payback - the ghosts of countless chickens will haunt this team throughout the summer.

though http://bit.ly/HwK4Kj says we might be getting cole hamels

Yaz, Thanks for doing the math. I'm happy not to have wasted time and energy watching any games yet. Wake me up in May.

I just can't get emotionally invested in this team. Other than Pedroia and Big Papi, they just aren't that likeable. They may get on a roll and win 100 games, but I expect I'll still be very meh about it all.

They are all assholes


Bard looked good. Many of the hits were on good pitches. Our bullpen stinks. Our offense stinks. Our manager stinks. Nick Punto stinks. Tim McClellan stinks. Unless I am just smelling last night's burritos. I am, but they all still stink. Jenny Dell is ok.

@Jeff, I agree about Ms. Dell. But after the harpie like screech of Heidi Wstney I'd be happy with a cicada burrowing into my ear and hosting buzzy little orgies inside my brain.

I think I just found my mid-life career change. Has anybody taken up the mantel for one eyed actors since Adolfo Celi died? So I lose an eye its not like I need two.

Wha?? I know that Solyndra has taken a beating but the product they came up with is a game changer for solar panels they just suck at everything else.

I know 2 posts today none for about 2 months. HB, you inspired me.

Hey hb... I think BB or someone hacked your twitter feed or is someone in fact posting scandalous rumors about me...

Ditto that, hb. I think your twitter acct is compromised.

Indeed. Sadly, I first figured people were saying nasty things about me. But how could that be?

Ditto the dittos, H.B.

It's sad when the best part of the game is the Remy/Orsillo hot dog talk...
at least it's entertaining.

High pt of my day..."nasty things" About ME! Cooool. And a personal msg from the famed Dr. Brachen. So exciting.

Then, like a Red Sox bullpen, extinguished and relegated to the scrap heap of spamville.

Ahh, back to twitting along in my humdrum, dreary existence. And today's pain of filling out the ten-forty and wondering what new exciting investment the gov't will choose next time.

Krikee. Lester 2-hitting 'em and we're still losing.

I was excited HB had enough interest in these nasty rumors to PM me on twitter. Alas.

If you got the "someone is spreading rumors" link as Twitter direct msg from me, apologies. I gotz da hack.

I blame the shemales.

How about those B's ;D

hb's twitter hacked and another sox loss. banner day all around.

I'm wearing my new Red Jacket brand Bruins t-shirt just now... have to say it's the softest, most comfortable t-shirt I've ever owned. Love that friggin brand.

Go Bruins!

Update: On pace to win 25 games.

Sadly I think that's what this team needs ;((

Karma being the bitch that she is.

Loopy optimistic shit from the Antipodes Part I:

Last year we started 0:6 and missed the playoffs by one game. This year we start 1:5. Therefore ... QED ...

a witch!!! burn her anyway!!!

@GSGH: No one would smoke fake grass. Why play on it? Fully concur.

What do you mean you won't come back for Opening Day,Tito? We treated you like Shit ;D

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