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"No one ever got down"

Well, there goes the chance for the mythical 0 and 162 season!


We must pause and reflect on life's little miracles...


And by little miracles I mean of course Sergio "Walks 3 and a Wild Pitch" Sanchez.


Let the Bobby Valentine Era Commence!


That's right, keep that tuxedo handy, Bobby, because I smells me some manageah of the year ceremony a this way a coming.



I would lthank both of you for attending my memorial service at the Applebees on the outskirts of Milwaukee yesterday afternoon. I was the fellow at the talking with 2 lovely ladies from Adzebijan. About something that ended up costing $3.00. I gave them $3.83, insofar as I am damn good tipper. At any, whilst none us was paying attention, victory broke out. Wtf.

I would like to edit that post, for clarity but won't

I would like to edit that post, for clarity but won't

And they won it the way you'd figure. But not everyone's gonna screw up for you every night. It is like an 83 cent tip, take it and move along. They hopefully will add up.

There's an erotic short story in there just waiting to gourd...

Do we root for Bard to throw 7 shutout innings tonight, or do we root for him to get shelled, thus hastening his return to the bullpen?

One down, 95 to go.

Oh, and H.B., L.C.'s story would only be erotic if he didn't have enough money and had to pay with "other services."

Ah yes,the old swollen gourd-I remember it well ;D

A win is a win - I'll take it. And maybe when lc sobers up from his crazy night at Applebees he can give us the rest of the story.

Since I'm going to be at the game, COD, please let it be the shutout innings.

Happy here with Bobby, he's doing pretty well with the hand he's been dealt... But he also loves his attention, and so all this focus on Ozzie has me counting the days til Bobby V gets consumed with jealousy and declares his undying admiration for Arthur Garrity.

Who was Ozzie suppose to admire? Batista?

Ozzie's adventure in Miami tells us that Fenway is not the only shark tank in MLB, it's just the oldest shark tank.

I for one am hoping for 7 shut-out innings from Bard. It's harder to find quality starters than relievers, at least at his price and I would love for him to become a great starter. I'm very sceptical that'll happen, however. I hope he proves me wrong.

Here is a non-lie for you. sdu will vouch for me I was in Cuba about a week ago. Totally legal. What we do not understand about those wonderful people would fill a book. By the way Fidel hasn't been in charge for years.

I guess I am full of surprises. I'll post some pix if you really give a shit.


I'll rent a Havana sunset

Cuba is slowly coming up in my list of "next visit" places... probably in the next 3 years if my current travel pace continues.

With that said, I don't harbor any hipster wannabee leftist compassion for either Castro or for that dipshit Che.

Meanwhile, anyone ever ready the Gabriel Garcia Marquez short story set in Cuba called "The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings"?

I was thinking of doing a mashup rewrite where in the end the old man with enormous wings appears in Fenway... and Beckett and Lackey eat him because, you know, he tastes like chicken.

I really give a shit.

Cuba has always struck me as a place I want to spend a month, not a week. The Buena Vista Social Club documentary made me want to be able to stay long enough to get to the backstreets as it were.

I hear they play good baseball too. That would be nice.

A month would be nice, agreed... though the last time I spent a month in a Latin American country I got dysentery and woke up with a cocaine hangover beside a naked shemale... sometimes one can get too comfortable in pais.

I would like to see your collection of photos from Cuba. I assume you have some featuring rad 1950s era cars.

Somebody somebody is going to make a killing when they can buy up the 1950s Chevys for $1000 in Cuba, and sell them here for 10X.

The Bill Lee movie about Cuban besibol was pretty cool.

And hb, those are fightin' words, don't lump me in with those hipster wannabees! That's just insulting all of us western Mass tree-hugging leftist...besides, I think those wannabe hipsters are banning ice cream trucks from their neighborhoods so they don't have to say, "No" to their kids.


With appropriate caution, I hereby vouch for lou clinton. Plus, I really give a shit and want some pics...

Read "The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" in my AP Spanish class in high school- AMAZING. Fell in love with it and with GGM...Need to revisit that (although in English since my Spanish fluency has been gone for over a decade)...

Cuba is definitely on my list as well. How does it work to get there as an American?

If one is in the employment of an "Educational Institution" or a non-profit, 403(b)/403(c) group, you can go to Cuba to "study" or "conduct acidemic research". They have real, working steam locomotives there, I'd go to see them, but it won't happen as I am not affiliated with the "right" organizations. I would also like to see some ball games there. Perhaps I could find a player for the Sox.

Sidebar - much like the mo rons that think a president, the current one in this case, has the authority to take away one's guns all by hisself, now that Sanctorum has bowed out, this mo ron dont need to worry bout him takin ma porn away! Yipeeee!

Ok, back to Cuba and the 1-3 homeboys...

@sdu Thanks for the appropriate vouch, however cautious.

@nat and anyone else interested. emailo me at louclinton at gmail dot com and I will see you a link.

@hb "hipster"? really


Want to go to Cuba. Go to a gateway country (Mexico, anywhere in Central America) and fly over. They won't even look at your passport.

Here we are, protected, free to make our profits without Kefauver, the goddamn Justice Department and the F.B.I. ninety miles away, in partnership with a friendly government

I'm curious as to how sdu can vouch for lc. There must be a story in there somewhere

Buck, my lips are sealed. Yo no se nada.

Yaz, nice GFII ref.

well, hopefully adult beverages and cigars were involved

Guess I should have close my html code. Mea culpa.

I don't mind whispering

didn't know we were whispering. Thought everything we had to say was so important, it required emphasis...

If Ozzie gets fired, maybe the Sox should bring him on as bench coach. I like the idea of a reality/sitcom show with BV and OG living together in a Back Bay pad trying to coach this team.

You should be able to close your italics tag in a later post. Let's see...

Oh well, guess it won't work here.

It didn't work in preview, but did in fact work once posted.

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