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Mailing it in

In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
No Soxaholix strip today? Yeah, well, I heard that Brachen said he'd be taking Fridays off whenever the Sox are under .500.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
I know, what a pussy, right?


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
The Red Sox are on a 4 game winning streak and Youks is letting his actions speak volumes, but that's not good enough for the creepy blogger?


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
It's true. Hart Brachen get's more like the CHB with each passing day.


In a group of Soxaholix, a woman speaks:
Probably a drunkard as well.



I'll drink to that. Hopefully the days off won't last too long.

If a drunkard, I hope he's drinking single malt scotch and not Ripple.

I think H.B. is more of a local batch bourbon guy. That, or Natty Ice.

I have some vicious Lebanese booze that will put some hair on your ass if you want it, hb.

Confession time. I am going to the Cell tonight for Sox v. Sox. My resistance level is pathetic.

Hi Neighbor! Have a 'Gansett!

Speaking of mailing it in...

"Schaefer, is the, one beer to have, when your having more than one"

I see HB with a fridge full of wine coolers.

What a pussy. Say hi to the green fairy.

At least Valentine is not publicly trying to take credit for Youk's sudden surge in hitting. Maybe Pedroia shut him up? Nah. We need just be patient for another Valentine verbal.

Speaking of pussys,we haven't heard from Big Bri(penis free and feeling fine) since the spanks started losing ;O

Despite a horrible start, and 11 players on the DL, we're only 1.5 games out of the second wild card spot. The glass is half full.

Colt 45, works every time.

so does a Colt 45 - as long as the target isn't more than about 20 yards away...

Is "mailing it in" code riding shot gun on our bus of merry, creepy freaks?

(In Curt Gowdy voice)Hey Mabel, how about Black Label!

Arak, da kine? That's good stuff.

On an unrelated note, can someone explain to me why those people who caught the ball tossed into the stands are villains? Why are they obligated to give it to someone else's crying kid?

@Natalie, Because in Obama's America crying until you get something is much more preferable than working for it.


1) IMO A tossed ball is different than an "off the bat" ball you had to fight for. If you caught a true foul fair and square it's yours.

2) The little kid was the intended recipient of the toss and the adults intercepted.

3) The adults seemingly then rubbed it into the kid's face by doing what came across as "nah nah nah we got the ball and you didn't."

Now bear in mind that I really don't much like kids, I can't stand that our culture has become more kid focused than adult focused, I hate that parents don't make kids behave in restaurants etc, I hate that if I don't choose to "adore and worship" other peoples kids that I'm seen as worse than Hitler so on and so forth, but in this case even I would have given that friggin kid the ball. I mean he's at a baseball game with his glove. He may be a total shit but hey he's at the ballgame! So he's at least got something going for him. Give him the ball. Life's too short.

If the kid had been crying all game, no. If it was result of getting robbed, id have given him the ball. Puts a smile on a kids face. Thats worth more tthan the ball to me. That was true before Obama too. But thats just me and I am certainly not in charge.

I thought it wasn't clear that the kid was the intended recipient and from what I have read the couple had NO idea the kid even wanted it, or that it was intended from him. The Deadspin piece was so biased. Reading news pieces it suggests that the couple thought they got a ball, were excited, took photos with it, and that's it. Even the kid's mom said she didn't think the couple even know the kid was there or upset... Reading all that, I was quite disappointed in Deadspin's coverage...


That's a totally plausible explanation. And it would explain their actions. They were oblivious to the kid.

On that assumption, I now dislike the couple for a new reason. Being tossed a ball is not worthy of pride or pics or kissy face. Tossed balls are for kids, invalids, BigBri, and pussies... oh, that was redundant.

I think I am also just so sick (as you mentioned) of the pro-kid, parental entitlement of society these days. Story: I was waiting for a cab for like 20 minutes at peak time this one morning, and about 15 minutes into my wait a woman with a baby carriage stands next to me to also hail. A cab finally comes and I get in. This woman starts screaming "you're just going to take that? I have a BABY!" Well, yes, honey, and I have a job to get to, and neither you nor the baby is bleeding. I know I was perfectly in the right, but it was amazing how guilty she made me feel. The lesson: most people are assholes.


That is *exactly* the kind thing I'm talking about. Drives me nuts.

There's a new book out called “An Economist Gets Lunch” by Tyler Cowen. I haven't read it yet, but I've been reading excerpts and one of the ideas he puts forth in the book is that the reason food in the USA is what it is, i.e., overly sweet, overly starchy, bland, timid, is because of this "kid centered" norming. Rather than expecting kids to learn to like adult foods, we've instead flipped it around. Let's make all food be like kids food! Bleh. But look around. That's what parents tend to do. "Oh Jimmy can't eat that, so we'll all eat mac and cheese and fucking chicken nuggets. At least Jimmy is happy."

Fuck Jimmy. Give Jimmy some foie gras and if he doesn't like it, well, he can be a little hungry. Won't kill him to miss a meal.

Infantile culture we live in.

Yeah, I'm all riled up now.

Addendum: As you creepy folks have probably gathered from reading between the lines over the years, I'm really passionate about food. It rates even higher than Red Sox and sports even.

I love eating food, cooking food, trying new food, planning for food, shopping for food, buying food on a budget, splurging for food and letting the budget be damned... I love fasting so that I can gorge, I love counting calories so I can each and stay thin (I'm currently below my high school weight and I still eat any and all food with nothing off limits) I love reading about food, my travel excursions are almost entirely centered around food... food glorious food.

Off topic but just sharing since it's an off day.

And those kids then turn into the most entitled pricks on the planet. It's already happened, the generation two below me (Millenials- in their early 20s now) basically think they should be the CEO of whatever company they work at, or worse, can't get a job in their field and mooch off their parents rather than get a retail or waitering job. I mean shit, my first job out of college was at the GAP! I needed to pay rent, and my dream job fantasy wasn't putting food in my mouth. The show "Girls" perfectly encapsulates this, and it's first hour made me throw up in my mouth about 15x.

hb- then you MUST MUST MUST go to Per Se in NYC. We went a month ago, it it was simply sublime. The meal of a lifetime. 5 hours, 10 courses plus lots of little extras, 4 1/2 bottles of wine... and a gustatory memory for a the ages.

Shit, that should read 4 half bottles of wine, not 4 and a half bottles. We're not that big of lushes. :)

In a logical society, productive people would come first (i.e., Natalie had a job to get to), then those may one day be productive (i.e., kids), then those who were previously productive (the elderly), and finally, those who never have been nor ever will be productive (except in the reproductive sense). But alas, we do not live in logical society and have it ass-backwards. Just my two cents.

All so true, Natalie.

I will add that restaurant to my wish list. (I don't get to NYC enough, frankly.)

Meanwhile, so glad I didn't try to watch Girls. I figured I'd hate it. I'm old enough now that from my p.o.v. a girl in her young 20s comes across to me in way that is not so diff than a 14 year old or an 8 year old and I label them all as annoying and to be kept as far away from me as possible.

Brew me no brews with artificial bubbles/
Those carbonated brews of today/
Utica Club will still take the trouble, to brew beer the natural way!
Utica Club, U. C.!
Sung by the immortal Jonathan Winters! Try to find it on You Tube. The singing beer mugs are cute, and available from F.X. Matt in Utica NY.

Sorry to interrupt the hb/Natalie makeout session, but Kaz, if you want some primo arak that my office mate and his cousin made (with my assistance), I can provide it to you free of charge. The shipping will be difficult for me to do without violating federal laws unless you live in Massachusetts; I will be muling some back from Lebanon and passing it back to my Stoughton-bssed brother the next time I visit DC and he could probably arrange an exchange if you're near him.

I know that sounds complicated, but the short version is: if you're anywhere near metro Boston, I can get you a gallon of the shit relatively easily.

Any questions, shoot me an e-mail at kinshane at gmail dot com.

(HB, I guess you and/or the fans of this creepy site in the Bay State could get some too, but Kaz mentioned it first so he has dibs.)

Now I'm imaging h.b. coming across 20-something girls...

As a non-parent, I have little sympathy for other people's kids! "(They) only do it to annoy, because (they) know it teases... Wow, Wow, Wow...

To a better topic:
Brew me no brews with artificial bubles/
Those carbonated beers of today/
Utica Club will still take the trouble to brew beer the natural way/Utica Club, U.C!
Sung by a pair of beer mugs, which are still quite cute and available.

H.B., if you're making a pilgrimage for Thomas Keller's food, you might as go to The French Laundry. If you love food and everything that surrounds the experience, there is no place like it on earth. Of course, you could also go to Per Se for strictly the food, wine and service aspects of the experience. Or, Restaurant Daniel in NY, given that I think he's just as good as Keller.

Anyway, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

HB and Natalie - I suggest you both get together and share a Swiftian meal of poached child ('bratwurst'). :) Headed to the Cell. Hoping Bard is gone by the 3rd.

Agreed on the snotty kid piece. My kids can irritate the shit out of me and missus.

The flip side to the foie gras on the table at an early age is that it's freaking expensive. For his 4th b-day, my son wanted steak for dinner and lox for breakfast. Of course, I had to pour a solid Alexander Valley Merlot with the steak...his palate is not quite there yet but I'm working on it. And both our boys are hooked on really good cheeses - wine country living.

Screw Napa and the Laundry, HB. Over here in Sonoma we have some much finer local cuisine/wine/herb.

I'm abashed to say I've never been to Sonoma or Napa. Definitely on the short list.


stupid kids

No worries, HB. The good eats will be here & I'm not going anywhere soon. Here for the tours and tastings when you make it.

If you're into steak, Sonomasox, surely you've been to Jocko's and The Hitching Post. That's only about 5 hours from you, right?

Closer to 6 hours - think it's been 7 yrs since the last trip down there - hit to the hitching post but not jocko's.

...and don't call me Shirley ;O

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