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Let us eat cake

Happy Centennial Fenway!


Yep, and nothing says Happy Birthday like a 4 and 8 ball club dressed like milkmen from days of yore.




Yeah, c'mon, Doug turn that frown upside down. Just think, last year they were 2-10 aftah 12... if they'd been 4-8 they'd have made the postseason.


Check it out. Not just the postseason but the postseason *and* beer and chicken.


Hey, guys, Titanic just called, they've got an opening rearranging the deck chairs.



I read the second panel as, "nothing says happy birthday like an 8 ball."

"Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic"...one of my favorite quotes to use in the Emergency Department...which, sadly, is how I feel about this season.

Glad to see I am not the only one who has begun to see the cruel irony of the centennials of the sinking of the Titanic and Fenway are only 5 days apart. Oy!


mmm, 8 balls ...

I think you've managed the ellusive quadruple entendre there sdu...with applesauce.

How many times have I heard that this is the "100th Season at Fenway!"? (Once on the official MLB website). It's the 101st season. Such are the ways of arithmetic.

Yes, I'm bitching about minutia because the big picture scares the hell out of me. Seriously, have you seen this team recently? Have you read the names on the backs of the jerseys in our bullpen?

Happy 4:20 Day!

Predictions updated. With a current record of 4 & 8, the team would have to play (at least) .600 ball the rest of the way for SDU, Jim Loomis, Bob, Rolo, and Yossarian to have a chance at winning the coveted yellow jersey. Women, children, and pink hats to the lifeboats.

Birthday party checklist-

Chairs - Sunset Rentals supplying
Beer - Beckett
Chicken - Lester
Pricks with 8 balls - Front office has plenty

Still need someone to sign up for -
An 8 ball (ok, many 8 balls) - ??
Applesauce - ??
Titanic Spliff - ??
Anyone got Oil Can's number?

And we need some entertainment.. Can we get those dopes on the redsox to come and play baseball? Do we want that or just rather have an old boombox with a party mix tape?

On 140th pitch in 7th, Bucholtz walks in go-ahead run. Royal Rooters tar n' feather Valentine with grease from Popeye's. Cherington pulls Francona out of WEEI studio interview to finish game and season with Sox. Youk hits mighty 4 run blast over Soxaholix sign in ninth. hb revealed to be...wait for it...Caroline Kennedy! Shows legs off as DKMurphs serenade the victory. Lucky Larry last seen sprinting off towards Muddy River in gorilla suit.

Perfect day.

Caroline Kennedy has a real doll fetish? Holy shit.

evrtytime they say 100, i'mf takeing a shot....

it'sonly been 15 minutes so far and i"m gonna go thrwoup.

Well, that was embarrassing. Who's idea was it to give Pedro and Kevin Millar a microphone?

Well, naturally I have to go into a two hour meeting now.

Have a great weekend all, Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Happy birthday, Fenway Park.

"Cake or death?" "Um, I'll have the cake please."

In other non-Izzardian news, I got nothing...

Old 1-5 seized the Mic. Actually he was MLB Network's host for the event. I wonder if he has a fifth of Jack on him? I missed most of it, looking into a crap job, with crap pay, crap hours, crap neighborhood, so I told them I was not interested and why. Boy, that felt good.

I guess Clay believes his white cap = white flag. Good God.

Saturday morning, 7-00am Sydney, Australia, 100 years after the Titanic sank. An 8.75 year old 'Sox fan emerges wooly headed from the bedroom. He takes one look at the television and says:

Bobby Valentine's a jerk.


I like your kid sdu, he's got a good head on him there.


We'll always have the Bruins,
Jack ;D

RIP Greg Ham ;(

Hey guys! Thanks for hosting the "celebrating 100 years of kicking your ass" party! it was great!!

BigBri (steroid free and feelin' fine!)

Pocket Pool.

The team can't possibly be as bad as they've looked so far, right?


I think Neil diamonds absence doomed it all

I remember when this game was 9-0. Jebus, what's going on?

Hey, did anybody see the last pitch of Phil Humber's "perfect" game? Kinda iffy if you ask me.



Hey fucknuts! ANybody watch the game today? What a comeback!

I think it speaks volumes that BigBri can't get a rise out of any of us. Diminished expectations much? What's the over/under on months into the season Bobby V gets kicked to the curb?

I'm visiting my folks this weekend. My dad is a die hard yankee fan and I'm the black sheep of the family. Dad took all my ice cream money in the summer of 1978 on our quarter bets of the sox-yankee games.

I get in this afternoon and it is 7-0 sox, and I tell my dad not too worry, if the yankees get to our bullpen the yankess will win. Just wish I could predict winning lotto numbers as well as sox collapses.

Dad wouldn't let me switch over to NHL hockey until the game "officially" went final. Auugghhh. Missed 40+ minutes of quality hockey for shitty baseball. I think 81 wins would be a minor miracle.

Just saw that the sox acquired outfielder Marlon Byrd from the cubbies. was the the cub that had his orbital bone broken in last year's series at fenway. I don't think this is a good omen.


I . . . I . . . yeah, I got nothing. That was unspeakable. And my gorram NY Rangers lost too. Enough to drive a man to drink and my car is outside, engine running.

Time for us to all wear our Redsox hats, shirts, assorted swag with pride and a middle finger for all naysayers. We suck and I am damn proud of it. Dont do anything half assed. Or maybe a new shirt idea.. "No pink hats here, move along..."

Good grief.

Maybe I'm just shellshocked, but I'm ... I won't say enjoying ... but having a better emotional response to the utter crapfest than I have to more .500, mediocre teams of the past.

Know how you feel when you're about to peel a crusted-over band-aid off of about a square foot of forearm hair, and you know it's going to rip out a massive scab to boot, but you're still just focused on pulling that off? That's how I feel about tomorrow's inevitable Marty appearance. Give me hell, HB. Won't be worse than what the Sox are doing to me.

That's it. I'm on Natalie's bandwagon and am hoping for a losing season of epic proportions. I want Bobby V gone by Memorial Day. Fucker tips his cap as the boos rain down on him? Fuck him and his arrogant smirk. Oh, and the bullpen blows too. The Bruins better win today or I'll REALLY be upset. Fuck.

Bobby V and Ben C are in cahoots, tanking the season in hopes of getting a shot at drafting Frida Kahlo look-alike Anthony Davis

Look on the bright side,Paps only has 5 saves an a era of 1.26. Anybody want to buy a brick ;D

Oh and JH,remember no matter how bad things may get "We'll always have Liverpool"

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