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It's our party and we'll cry if we want to

So Terry Francona declined his invite to the Fenway 100th Fete and now it looks like Grady Little has as well.


Yeah, I guess Grady said, "Just add one more ghost to the list if I'm not there..."


But I don't think even the ghosts want to be around the Red Sox right now.


Are you kidding me? I heard it's gotten so bad that they animated Ted Williams severed head and asked it to attend.


But the head just scowled, of course. Gods don't answer letters.


Well, let's just keep trying... I mean the Sox front office has put the time and effort and money into the 100 Year Anniversary at the exclusion of everything else including putting a winning team on the field.


So this hyped up birthday bash is all we've friggin got at this point.


No worries. I heard Ashley Judd's Puffy Face might be available.



Grady Little invited? Are they just trying to redirect the fans anger from the current team? Is Buckner coming? Dale Sveum? Wendell Kim? John Lackey? Oh wait, he is on the current team.

Watching the Celtics is much better than watching the RS stumble out of the gate. Unless, of course, you are keen on watching train wrecks.

Will Theo be there???

I hear the big surprise is going to be when Scott Cooper walks out from under the flag on the Monster.

So they invited the Gerbil? You have to know that the absence of empathy in the front office would result in Francona, Little, and Zimmer sitting together. Sounds like a lot of fun.

I think Theo and Grady would rather watch winners and catch the Bruins tonight.

No, Yazbread, bet they'd sit Zimmer between Pedro and Spaceman. So much they could talk about.

They should have offered Tito one of those bricks...in person ;O

Oh and Happy 4-12 everybody.

What's 4-12? I thought the only holiday in April was 4-20...

Speaking of. I have a feeling this season is going to require some self-medicating, for several reasons. 1) It's hard to like this organization right now. 2) They are going to be pretty mediocre. 3) The Rays and Jays are way more likable and fun to watch. 4) They Y's are going to quietly win a lot more games than the Sox. Did I forget anything?

100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster, 100th anniversary of Fenway. I can't see any parallels.

C'mon Bruins. Distract me.

What's 4-12 you ask?

It's the anniversary of the first Space Shuttle launch in 1981.

In 1955, the polio vaccine was declared safe and effective on 4-12.

In 1945 FDR dies on this day.

In 1861, Confederate Forces fired on Fort Sumter, starting the Civil War.

In 1606 the Union Jack was adopted as the flag of Great Britain.

And in 467 Anthemius is elevated to Emperor of the Western Roman Empire.

T-minus 8 hours 30 minutes til the REAL season begins. Rene is warming up at a bar somewhere as we speak

Ownership blames Tito, Tito stays away. What goes around, comes around. Or, as Ricky would say (Trailer Park Boys), "what comes around is all around".


Where's my invite?


lc, i'm surprised you would want to go. especially since someone in the front office leaked the story about your real doll "collection".

I thought that 4-20 also held the austere distinction of being the official opening of Fenway?

Nice T.P.B. reference, vermonter. It doesn't take rocket appliances to see why Tito isn't showing up.

Smoke'em if you got'em, because it is going to be a long season - thankfully, I can laugh at about anything after some gonja.

thinking I need something a bit stronger then the 4-20 to get through this season.

Where's Heidi's and Hazel's invite? The FO could put Jenny D in between H & H...or maybe I could.

Saw a comment recently from a EPL sportswriter talking about the Fenway Sports Group and the rope that they are at the end of regarding Liverpool and Kenny Dalglish (manager not living up to expectations). Comment was to the effect "they may not know much about football, but they know a lot about money and they are not getting what they think they paid for".

I think that applies equally to them and baseball. And when you dont know much about the subject matter at hand, you are probably going to step on your own dick alot. Hiring trash, going for headlines, throwing Titos underthe bus...

I hope the opening day crowd starts up many "We want Tito" and "Where's Francona? clap clap clapclapclap" chants.

The way this ownership has treated him is absolutely trash. He deserves so much better...and so do we.

I should probably stop wearing Huey Lewis' skin around..I'm starting to stretch it out.

'cause thats the power of self love (stretch it out.. get it?) I could have resisted this one, but chose not to :)

True fact: Huey Lewis went to my high school and played baseball on the same team as my dad (Huey a sophomore my dad's senior year). He came back to reunions one year when I was like 10 or so and my dad got me his autograph. That thing was almost as prized as the baseball I got signed by most of the 1991 Red Sox during a spring training game in Ft Myers....As for this year's iteration of a Sox team: I kinda have nothing to say. To quote Jake's buddy in Sixteen Candles, "it's just... void."

True fact never been south of Brownfield Maine. (spoiler alert)
Working on the Cuba pix. It's an off day.

Love you,lc

I want a new drug

No shit

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