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Green fields of the mind (mostly weeds)

Alright, who is ready for some 2012 Red Sox baseball!


Is that a trick question?


Yeah, I was told there would be no math...


Speaking of subtraction, by er, subtraction, meet your new closah, Alfredo Aceves.



We shall know soon enough.


And the good thing is even a replacement of a replacement team should outperform the 2011 club's start last April.


Yeah, I'll transmit this information to Vladimir.



"Put me in Coach,I'm ready to play"

When things go wrong, you'll find they usually go on getting worse for some time; but when things once start going right, they often go on getting better and better.

-C.S. Lewis

The local afternoon radio guys here in South FL are awful, some of the worst I've ever heard. Yesterday on my way home one of them picked the Sox to win the AL. Needless to say I am not reassured. But who knows...Play Ball!

Wait, I thought we were skipping this year. It was unanimous decision amongst the fans, right?

Bobby V was my manager, and he called me a talking pile of pigshit. And that was when my parents drove all the way down to Detroit to see me play the game...oh, wait..play ball!

Try the chicken. It the best in MLB.

I have been really down on the Sox all offseason but I find myself on Opening Day positively brimming with goodwill and optimism. I have a fair idea of how it will all turn out (breaking my heart "as soon as the chill rains come" as Giamatti said) but until then, count me in! Can I get a little Let's-Go-Red-Sox chant going on in this joint?

Yeah, as Terrence Mann points out, we're reminded of all that was once good and could be again...

Real baseball. Can't wait.

I just bought my MLB audio subscription for the year - so I'm ready to go. I'm thinking being a little under the radar might be good for this team. I also think there is something to the idea of Bobby V being a lightening rod for media attention, and maybe protecting the players a bit in the process. Well, except for the ones he throws under the bus.

Oh, and I forgot Let's Go Red Sox!

"Aceves also has the personality that seems suited to close. He has a shaven head, glittering new braces on his teeth, and sweats so profusely on the mound that he soaks his cap.

He wears No. 91 as a tribute to Dennis Rodman, his favorite NBA player, and occasionally breaks into yoga poses at his locker."

So, Batshit, Jr. is now our closer... Could be worse.

Let's go Red Sox!

Batshit, Jr. Love it!

As Michael Corleone once said...


Let's go Batshit!...junior.

Hmmm. That chant doesn't seem to work so well.

@Bob was that CS Lewis as screwtape or just plain CS Lewis?

I'm with Natalie. Count me in -- maybe not as heavily emotionally invested as in many recent past years but in nonetheless, in sickness and in health, etc., etc.

Go Sox! I believe (even though Verlander is throwing smoke)!

jfm: Plain old C.S., from "The Magician's Nephew." Perhaps the most famous line is, "The trouble about trying to make yourself stupider than you really are is that you very often succeed."

Hey, Gameday's graphics are slightly spruced up this year.

Can we get that on a tee? Batshit, Jr

This is a nice pitcher's dual. I'm just waiting for Lester to mix up some gunpowder using his own urine, a la Blood Meridian.

Woo and hoo for Sweeney.

2-2 Bottom Nine. please, for the sake of Jesus, do not reel me back in.

Yes, lets get right to the heart of it. No fuckn around and hidin from it. Can he close the deal? Can he get to home base? Can he win the game? Or is this the beginning of a long slow enima?

It's enema. Please, I need an intervetion.

It's enema. Please, I need an intervetion.

Here comes our closer.

I've had that feeling I've gad to poop this whole game. Dunno if it's just opening day jitters or the burger I had earlier. Praying for rain over here. Barring that some pepto will do.

Now THAT'S what I'm looking for in a closer.

Yeah, that's pretty much how the whole season's going to go, isn't it?

My memorial services will be held at the Applebees just ouside of Milwaukeenext Monday at 4 pm.
God help us.

Well, Huey Kaz, we won't be facing Verlander most games. Thank God. Hopefully we can scratch out 10-12 runs per game to protect our bullpen.

Jesus, what shit show

Jesus what a shit show.

Hb check spam or my coffin, your choice

I waited seven months for this?


reeled in and clubbed over the head...just like the Sox of yester-year. Fuckin great.

Enima, enema.. The smell is the same. And its gonna linger.

Sorry, I am slightly unhappy.

Your pal, lc

plus ça change, ...



Back end of the pen is not looking good: 2 walks, HBP and scorcher down the line. Can I change Melancon to Meloncoly and Batshit Jr. to bats-hit Jr."? Or I guess it could be "batters-hit Jr."...

Go get Darren Oliver or Sandy Koflax

On the upside, our defense should get a lot of work in during the last 3 this year. Here's hoping the offense is ready to shoulder this load.

"And the race is on
And here comes Pride up the backstretch
Heartaches going to the inside..."

Oh well, well pitched game but - did anyone really think we'd beat Verlander?

Come on gang,it's only one game. "We got guys who can do that" Yeah,right ;O

No we do not. Bed-shitting time.

Love to you all.

I need help.

Lc, lmao. Have a fine evening if the gods will let you.

As if it wasn't bad enough, my fantasy team had Bedard and Ryan Dempster go 14.2 innings between the two of them...with 2 losses (1-0, and 2-1 respectively). Un-fucking-real start to the season on all fronts for me.

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