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Fuggers, lovers, and thieves

So I get the feeling that Mike Napoli is, er, comfortable in Fenway.


Dude, if he were any more comfortable he'd be having beer and chicken in the dugout.


But I'm guessing the Rangers don't do that.


On the brightside...


There's a friggin brightside?


Yeah, I mean it's like this — Since there really has been no end to the grieving that began last Septembah, you know the crash and burn to the season, the off offseason, the naming of Valentine, so on and so forth until here we are and, well, I've moved through all 5 stages of grief to find myself quite comfortably here at "acceptance."


This team is probably going to define mediocrity and miss the playoffs, but, I've made peace with that outcome.


You said "probably" so I gathah you still hahbah some hope?


Well, you know what they say, the hahbah may be full of dirty watah, but I stil love it.



Thats better ;D

This is an interesting piece about the architectural changes they considered but didn't make at Fenway.

A row of seats in front of the bullpens? Corporate suites on top of the Monster?

Opera seats???

Oh, forgot the link:


Hey, how come my comment isn't showing up?

Well, now it is.

Anyway, here's an interesting piece on the architectural changes they considered but didn't make at Fenway.


A row of seats in front of the bullpens? Corporate suites on top of the Monster?

Opera seats???

Okay, H.B.'s been feeding his Mogwai after midnight again.

Nice knowing you Melancon. Have fun serving up dingers and blowing games in Pawtucket.

Glad to hear it wasn't just me Bob.

Bob - rough start to your morning? Time to chill in a meeting for a couple of hours.

I have been to two games now (one in Toronto and last night) and in both games I have seen BobbyV make decisions that I just can't agree with at all. In the 6th inning in Toronto, with 1 out and bases loaded, Valentine has the middle infield in to protect the run at the plate. The ball is lined to the edge of the grass...where Pedroia would have been if he'd been at double play depth instead. He ALSO didn't bring in Albers to throw at the rightie for that at-bat which led to 3 runs in total for the inning making a 3-1 game a 6-1 blowout.

Then, last night, he's got Morales (L) in facing Napoli (R)...with Albers in the pen ready to go! What happens next? Double...2 runs score. 4-2 ball game suddenly a 6-2 blowout again. I don't even know why Morales was pitching to Cruz, rightie (walked him to load the bases)...and then Gentry was put in to pinch hit because he's another rightie...and he ends up hitting the batter bringing in a run!

Look, Beckett serves up a meatball, that's the player's fault...but that's easily twice that I've personally witnessed just HORRIBLE managing. That's all on Bobby. I really don't want to sit through two years of this clown fucking up the game.

Seriously enjoyed the loss last night. Bring on the epic pain: I want Bobby V crucified and then run out of town, because I hate him so much. If I have to sacrifice a season, so be it. My life is hopefully long. :)

So Natalie, why don't you tell us how you really feel...

Also, lost in all of this hand-wringing and self-pity is the fact that the Rangers are the best team in the AL (okay, maybe Detroit deserves that honor, but we'll see). They beat us because they have a lot more talent than we do. They beat us last year, too. With the chosen one as manager, no less.

I'm too shy, COD. :)

Im gettin me some whiplash tryin ta figure which pile o' poo i want to stand in. The really stank one Natalie has planted her flag in with its likely ouster of the V, or the one GSGH, etc. has championed (the one thats really just mud and not poo). I am afraid of the awful stench of the one and of the discovery that the other is actually not mud. Methinks I'll keep a foot in each pile for a bit longer. I am not yet at Acceptance.

Been a while since I've commented here but the pain is too bad not to share it. I'm hoping Tito's decision to attend the festivities tomorrow means he's reaccepting a job offer. I'd take him back in a second. Hell with the beer and chicken crowd.

Oh come on, Jeff- throw on some thick-soled shitkickers and come join me! You get used to the stench after a while... :)

Will there be naked poop wrestling?

Is it Dec.21 yet?

A shit show indeed. I'm waiting to see how we do against another aging mediocre team this weekend. They have a real closer, we may be a little more spry - should be a decent gauge on the +/- 85 wins wager.

Otherwise - go B's.

Dear Doc. Chuck: Big day tomorrow. I wont, be there.
I understand from WEEI that not even John Henry knows who will be there.

Here are a few essentials:

The doughy faced guy that looks like Dennis Drinkwater that"coaches" Liverpool.

Dick Stuart
Moe Vaughn
Chuck Shilling
Pumpsie Greene
Tommy Harper
Any spouse or spawn of the Real Lou Clinton
Ditto for Don Buddin
Also, Jim Pagliaroni, and Russ Nixon
Frank Malzone
Jerry Trupiano
George Scott (must weigh 7 bills by now)
Jimmy Piersall.

As it happens, an lc jr.is home on an infrequent, but valued visit. I will be weeping uncontrollably-+
during the entire Doc Chuck Show.

Just don't bring back Glenn Geffner.



Pinky Higgins with his hip flask??


Goodbye Levon Helm. I'll assume that most of the crowd does not have to Google his name.

Used to live next to a cattle abbatoir/feedlot when I was kid...big piles of shit start to smell sweet after a time...

Agreed with all. At this point I would celebrate mediocrity.

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