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Dead team walking

I think the Red Sox misread the memo — it's "throw back" not "way back" and it doesn't start until the Yankees series.


I definitely feel like I've been thrown back in time.


My God that was brutal. 21 hits, 9 for extra bases including 6 homeruns...


It seems that Texas executions don't stop at Huntsville.


Yeah and it doesn't mattah if you're retahded, Texas will zap your ass just the same, right, Mr. Melancon?



Is Melancon the root of melancholy?

Sherman,set the wayback machine to the year 2007.

It seems that MLB needs a Special Division. And we, as proud parents, may have to come to grips with where our beloved children should be competing.

Just wave the white flag.

Good grief, what the hell was that?

yes, but http://www.slate.com/blogs/moneybox/2012/04/17/_.html says we walk more than dallas. so there's that.

Yes sir, Mr. Peabody!

And now from the Schadenfreude Collection: A hat with no name.
Proud to wear one.

SAC, it's serendipitous timing on the un-branded hat.

The last time the Red Sox got blown out that bad at home they responded with the greatest run in professional sports history.

I'm just sayin...

His ERA is 49.50, but I think you can get a new Melancon on Amazon for 33.75

His ERA is 49.50, but I think you can get a new Melancon on Amazon for 33.75

If you search Melancon on Google, there's a guitar company of the same name that's more famous than he is. Poor bastard.

I've already gone to the dark side, y'all: I now wanna see the Sox tank in EPIC fashion this season, just suck with a level of putrescence unseen in the modern era...which would then result in 1) the execrable Bobby V being ridden out of town on a rail, 2) ownership forced to invest seriously again in real talent or face an angry mob hoisting fiery torches on Lansdowne, and 3) probably some truly mind-blowing pieces of vitriol from the spittle-flecked maws of Boston sports journalists. Win. Win. Win.

I am with you Nat. It is time to start selling off the pieces and stocking some talent in the minors.

Fenway teamed up with CTP Boston (know them, Bob?) to put out 100 green balloons in the city today with 2 tickets inside each balloon to a future game. Great idea, right?

Well, it would have been if they'd actually gone around the city. Instead, they put the balloons in Fenway, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End, North End, Financial District... Basically, the dirtiest they got spreading the wealth was Charlestown. Anybody who got those tickets could have just bought tickets. So much for the rest of Boston...

Crazy theory for the day:
Bobby V knows he can't get far with this team this year. So, he makes some comments about Youk, a player he is probably not too impressed with. BV is a guy who knows talent, and maybe he just figures Youk is done. BV is thinking 2 things can happen: 1) he makes it clear to Youk that he won't tolerate entitled veterans who underperform and Youk responds by excelling, or 2) he makes it known that Youk's services aren't required and facilitates his departure.

Remember, BV has absolutely no ties to the last 10 years, and if he doesn't like what he sees, it doesn't matter whether the guy's name is Youkilis, Ortiz, Beckett or Lester. He's going to do everything he can to field the most talented team he can.

Francona's style worked when everyone was in their prime and playing great baseball, but now the core group is older, their talent is waning, and his players-first style might have been a long slow destructive disaster, while BV's cleaning-house will be a short constructive disaster!

Just throwing it out there.

I have a ticket for tonight's game. I'm skeered to go.

Why am I all of a sudden reminded of Tobias' commercial audition in Arrested Development: "Oh, my God, we’re having a fire. Sale. Oh, the burning! It burns me!"

Farewell to America's Oldest Teenager. RIP, Dick, you brought much joy into my life many years ago.

Did he even finish this year's countdown before he died?

Nice to see Tito stuck to his principles. :((

I am disappointed that I didn't know Tito was writing a book with CHB.

How fucking miserable is that book going to be?
Whenever I read the man's articles I always imagine that he's written in the voice of Droopy Dog.

Tito probably extracted a cash payment from the Sox to show up.

or they told him they'd give back his pill stash they confiscated. Too soon?

too soon. Not for this group.


Well, can I get some of those painkillers then? I think this season requires them. A proper redsox green balloon celebration would have had a season's prescription in them, not two tix to see a home loss.

Go redsox! Oy.

Hello? Is this thing on??

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