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At this point 'half empty' would sound great...


Yeah, I went to ritualized sacrifice and a Red Sox game broke out.




What do you expect.. God hates brags.


You know things have reached a new low when I'm actually turning to the CHB for catharsis.


And finding it.



It hasn't really been brought up much, almost ignored in fact, but you know what I think the problem is? Pitching.

At least the Skanks are also 0-3.

The chickens come home to roost.

I wish the Yankees 0-3 start made me feel better but it just feels like that is the proverbially "other shoe"... that is you know deep in your gut that the Yankees will go on some tear and be like 15-5 and then the Sox inevitable 6-14 thru the first 20 will feel even worse.

Bob, are you sure? I think the offense just needs to score a baker's dozen every night. Is that too much to ask?

Well, the Skanks 0-3 start does mean that my Yankee fan friends, much like Marty, are mercifully quiet on this Monday morning.

I'll take it.

Last time MFY started 0-3 they ended up winning 114 games and the WS. Last time Sox started 0-3? Chicken & beer anyone?


And yet you know this is coming, "Bwahahaha... we started out 0-3 but are now in first place... what place are the Red Sux.??"

The blame game is atrocious. Some hate on Bobby V's gabbing and questionable roster moves. Others blame Cherington's supposed gripes with Bobby. Others say John Henry just left everything to Larry Lucchino who is apparently an egotistical d-bag. Yeeeesh. What a road to climb. If anything though I'm most pissed at Beckett who looked like he didn't learn a damn thing. Make him trade bait pretty damn soon if he won't produce I say.

I think it's also time to start recognizing Tampa Bay as a legitimate threat. Lord knows they deserve to be. Maddon has outmanaged his AL East counterparts for I'd say (and call me crazy) 2-3 years running and good on him for doing so. Tampa plays hard to win. Maybe Boston could learn a bit from him.

Colin, that bespectacled freak Maddon has been the best coach in the AL East for about six years, I think. It's just that the past 2-3 years he has the talent on his team to win games.

The three teams I care about (Red Sox, Marlins, Braves) are a combined 1-12.

I might need to take up minor league baseball this summer.

But at least Bobby V hasn't gone on record as being a fan of Castro.

It is approaching the time where someone in the FO or Bobby V say, "Hey, thinks changed when Bailey went down, we should moved Bard to closer, sorry, we made a mistake" And just put Aceves in the rotation...things change, time to change with the situation.

My friend and I were discussing the pitching. It's weird. They wouldn't admit it was stupid to put Bard in the rotation. They won't admit it was dumb to then take a good reliever and make him close. They ultimately kept doubling down like some kind of perverted gambler's fallacy of expecting the next big bet to win...and now look. So many RPs in totally out of position places now.

Beckett will probably get a nice Fenway welcome on Thursday.

"Beckett will probably get a nice Fenway welcome on Thursday."

Maybe he'll get a piece of Popeye's and beer headed his way. Honestly I'm not very tolerant of the Texan. He was all that and then some in 2007 but recently...acting like a bitch unless I'm missing something here no one else is.

How come a diet of chicken worked so well for Wade Boggs, but but not so well Beckett?

I loved Beckett's post game analysis: "you can't throw fastballs down the middle of the plate to these hitters..." No sh*t sherlock. You just figuring that out? WTF?

Boggs was washing his chicken down with Margaux rather than beer.

With my other two teams (Giants and A's)I am so far 1-9. Yesterday's Easter greeting, "They are not risen!" "They are not risen, indeed!"

Has anyone checked in on lc? Not sure he was able to spit the hook.

The redsox are doing a service to their opponents. Did you see the smiles on Cabrerra's face? When you play a team like the redsox, its really fun to play. Remember that feeling from being a kid and beating up on the team thats supposed to be good?

To the creeps that bought tickets for profit in the resale market: You just got seriously hosed! But, Ace and StubHub will still get their cut. Provided they can sell them...

@flake, yep, and the Orioles will also regret special pricing for home games against the Sox - I don't see large crowds of Sox fans travelling to Camden Yards this year.

waiting for that Detroit sunset to rent...meh.

The Fenway 100th "brick program" is complete, at Gates B & C...Werner, Henry & Lucchino have their own "section", Tom Brunansky even, but no Theo!?


At least Papi's hitting. And Sweeney, who can help us forget $14 mil/year Drew.

"washing his down with Margaux"... nicely done, yaz

Margaux - isn't that the French hooker from NYC that he was supposedly cheating on his wife with??


David Ortiz (the tying run) caught stealing. What a ball club!!

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