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And it's only April still

You know I have to confess I don't give a shit about the Valentine v Youkilis imbroglio...


I'd love to chalk my indifference up to a ceratain self-aware media sophistication, but I think it really comes down to the fact that ever since L'affaire de Poulet I'm totally, absolutely jaded.


Perhaps being jaded is the root of all sophistication?


All I know is I miss the childhood days of baseball when all that mattered was Topps cahds, mimicking the stance of your favorite playah in Whiffle, and how the grass was so green at Fenway that it practically blinded you coming out of the concourse...


And one was blissfully unaware of the sordid reality show taking place off the field.


As Giamatti said, "They are memories of our best hopes. They are memories of a time when all that would be better was before us, as a hope, as the hope was fastened to the game."


Goddamnit, the Red Sox are ruining my autotelic activities!



I had to look up the definition of autotelic, and it's now my new favorite word. Would it be surprising if I told you I assumed it was gonna be dirty (akin to onanism, perhaps?) while I awaited the definition from Professor Google?

...and your autoerotic ones as well ;O


That is fantastic! I think you've more or less defined one of goals of this creepy site -- the references could be erudite, or they could be sexual, and on really good days they are eruditely sexual. Yes!

Just what I needed to keep things in perspective this morning. Thank you for talking me in off of the ledge.

The strip sums up my entire outlook on sports. Its why when all that was available was box scores, baseball was actually better than now with all the 24hr cycling of the stuff thats not actually baseball. Boxscores let the imagination fill in the rest.

You cant even collect baseball cahds easily anymore. Its not just Topps and the occasional odd pack of Fleer cards. All the old names and some new ones are back - Bowman, Donruss... and each company has multiple product lines of cards at different price points and different future value forecasts. Its like going to the NYSE. And no shitty gum any more!

Wow. Great word. Describes me perfectly. More of a curse than a blessing in a decidedly non-autotelic world.

I too learned a new word today. Thanks hb. And "l'affaire de poulet" sounds decidedly more highbrow than its English translation. C'est magnifique!

It's hard to be jaded when the Space Shuttle just buzzed your office. Grainy cell phone photo)

@h.b. Yes! "Eruditely Sexual"!

@Natalie: Expecting (wanting?) it to be dirty, having to look it up (did anyone besides h.b. not?) and admitting it is, in itself, eruditely sexual. It's got a hot librarian/girl next door thing going on.

mimicking the stance of your favorite playah in Whiffle...I did a wicked Yaz in my backyard eventhough I am not a leftie.

That snipe by Chara in the third was eruditely sexual. Just saying.

Oh, man now i'm in english 104, which I had to pass to stay in (CENSORED). Well, I got a weak 2.5, which I was as angry about as Youk is about Bobby V.'s comments about him. I left town so fast I lost my original edition of the Stones "Some Girls", along with a crap load of books, which I couldn't sell. So, we can't allow our copy of Some Girls get away, and we have to hold on to our books for the moolah!

I cannot take all of this.

It's the end of the end for the 2003 Red Sox.

...as we know it ;D

< Vent >
2.5 hrs to get the 17miles to Fenway. Thanks Greenline! Not. Oh, and thanks Lucky. E-ticketing snafus cost us seeing the first 2 innings. Brilliant.

2.5 hrs to drink $9 beers, collect sunburn, and watch a scattering of 5 Sox hits. And poor Bard implode at pitch #100,000 or whatever it was. Thanks Mr. Smiley Manager. Moe, Larry & Curly sitting behind me managed a better game than you did. Boycotting the wrap all week.

2.5 hrs to get home. What is with all these people in short shorts and day-glow sneakers? < / Vent>

Thank you Bruins.

Kudos to the Assistant Principal who scheduled our fire drill during the flyover by Discovery!!

And the standing-room tix on the Monster are Awesome (was there on Sunday). Yes, that was me in the shade under the Sports Authority sign.

Is a meeting autotelic? Because the experience of the meeting was some asshat's main goal since 8:30 this morning.

hb: or sexually erudite, as the case may be. And Rudi, I do always desire/expect a double entendre, not just here but most everywhere. I mean, almost everything looks better through a lens of sex/sexuality/sexiness, IMO.

I ran into Bobby V. last night - he strolled right by my house as I was leaving to run an errand - he had a look like someone lost in a city and in thought. Compared to the usual persona everyone sees in the media, it was a decidedly different look for him. If I could ever imagine a 62 year old comic TV character looking tragic and vulnerable, this was it.

I tipped my cap to him and said "good luck this season", about all I could muster to not sound like a dick. He smiled and said "thanks", and quietly continued on his way.

Willy Loman-esque, eh?

"good luck, bro" is the more appropriate statement. email me if anyone gets that joke.

Other than that, Mr. Jennings, how's your lung?

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