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A knock at the door

Happy Patriots Day!


The greatest regional holiday in the world.


The greatest regional holiday evah!


One if by land, two if by sea
Hey, Luke Scott, how you be?


Through every Middlesex village and fahm,
The folk flip Luke the fingah with a "vulgah" foreahm.


In the hour of darkness and peril and need, / The fans reawaken to a hopeful reprise -- / Some hefty slugging, an offensive stampede / O! The timely resurgence of David Ortiz!



Papi leads the league in hitting? Jebus, we're going to have to keep signing him to 1-year contracts for the next 10 years.

Ay, Papi!

I just learned this AM that Youk is engaged to Tom Brady's sister. Who should get first dibs on any male children, the Sox or Pats?

Listen my chillen and you shall hear, of the local nine ye again shall fear-
On the 18th of April in '75, who'da believed all of the jive that this was the 'wait 'til next year'-
Freddy and Jim Ed, Dewey and Yaz, Rooster and Rico, don't forget Beniquez-
gave this young fan a real Pudge in his shorts as he realized that this is the greatest of all sports.

Except for playoff hockey

and I beg to differ, but the greatest regional holiday evah remains "Evacuation Day"

Mothership in Boston is closing today at 2pm, so I made the exec call that the NYC office will follow suit. To quote my colleague: "Best. Day. Ever."

Buck, love Paul Revere's Ride, but only because I was born on the 18th of April in '75 (hardly a man is now alive that remembers that famous day and year ;).

Go Sox!

Does the 'Bobby V calling out Youk' story have any legs or is it a non-event? I'm wondering what the local media is doing with it.

@nat fine but I was 24

@ six, they're doing their best, even speculating about a Youk-for-Coco trade. And throwing gas on the fire by noting that Youk's not in today's lineup

Natalie - careful as you march toward Lexington and Concord. The big 40 is lurking somewhere behind those stone walls that line the road.

Yazbread, dude, that's cruel to remind me. I still have trouble wrapping my head around being in my 30s (since I feel 25 most of the time), I can't even contemplate another decade. Getting old sucks. As does Bobby Valentine. I knew I hated him before this season started, and now with this Youk thing it's confirmed. I miss Tito.

If I was being paid $8 mill a year to play baseball I think I'd be able to brush off a poorly worded comment from the manager.

If you paid me 8 mil, you could call me a fat lazy bastard everyday, and I'd still show up with a smile on my face.

Wait, why are we playing baseball at 11am again?

Betsy Ross's great-great grandson Cody is working out pretty well too...

40 isn't that bad. I just trotted into 44 this weekend and it all feels good.

wow! interesting 5 ball strikeout by rodney

Train hundred an' two is on the wrong track an' headin' for you---(Yes you, Ben, get out while you have a good rep). This team has more problems than the rest of the division combined, except for the O's. They could easily lose 90 games. I see a trade with Youk leaving angrily.

"They could easily lose 90 games."

No, no, they couldn't. Last year's team had John fricken Lackey pitching one of the worst seasons of all time along with the sheer awfulness that was Wakefield/Weiland/Miller, and they won 90 games. This year's starting staff is better and deeper (I'm predicting Cook subs in for Doubront and Doubront to the pen, come the end of April...Doubront hasn't had a start yet to justify keeping him in the rotation, while Bard did today--though seven walks, yick). This year's offense is really, really good even with Ells out for 2, 3, 4 months. The bullpen situation is a little worse, but they're figuring it out as Padilla and Morales have started out well, and Aceves is finding his footing.

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