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Sincerely Lisa

Lisa the Temp's week draws to a close as the Soxaholix will return from vacation on Monday…

Lisa the Temp:
This is my final day at this office for now, peeps. But let me share with you another of Lisa keys to success....


Lisa the Temp:
I always believe it's important to leave in a gracious and thankful manner so that you will be invited back.


Lisa the Temp:
This can be achieved with a simple note, like this one...


Lisa the Temp:
To Whom it May Concern:

I don't know how your employees maintain their delightful sheen. It's as though there's something in them that yearns for this challenge—like so many mimes trapped in an imaginary box seeking an escape, miming and seeking, seeking and miming, seeking more, miming more, miming faster, until there's no one there, until the miming itself is the only thing, a vacant momentum. It's sad to think it has such a small audience as myself.

Sincerely yours,






At an outdoor cafe in Venice Beach, I saw a mime get picked up and thrown on the ground by an angry 6'6", 250 pound man.

The funny thing was, when the mime got up, he mimed his pain and injuries. He wasn't trying to get laughs, he was just stuck in mime-mode.

Mimes really freak me out. I'm going to be haunted all day by the thought of a bunch of mimes trapped in an imaginary box.

When you think about it, an imaginary box is really the only place to store a bunch of mimes. sort of like the "electron in a box" model; or maybe zero point energy. a lot to ponder.

The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get

Kudos to Jeff for another Grateful Dead reference. Are you by any chance a frequent caller on that radio show. "Tales from the Golden Road?"

Speaking of The Dead, Andy Pettitte is back with the Skankees.

And on that note, I leave you a little early today. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

MWL- no, not one of the callers. Just always have this music in my head or ears and thought I'd give it a shot to talk in lyrics and titles and such. ( consider this a set break:))).

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