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And we're back...

So not sure what the frig is up...


I take off for a week, come back, and I dunno... doesn't feel like I missed any Red Sox news.


Oh, right, there's the meaningless games, of course, and the line-up cards that look foreign even to the most diehahd fan...


And the if you've read one you've read them all stories about "progress" and "setbacks" and endlesss fanboard parsing of quotes...


Dude, I hear ya...


It's like my Red Sox excitement went on Spring Break and was last seen on a hotel surveillance cam at an ATM machine with Joran van der Sloot.



Oh my God! Could our Natalie by Natalie Halloway? Call your mother, Nat, she's worried. And dating very strange men.

Oh, and you've been declared legally dead.

Good one Bob. And welcome back hb!

Glad to be back...

Looking through the comments from Lisa's week it doesn't appear that she went over as well as I'd hoped.

It was meant to be a treatise disguised as creepy comic on the condition of life as a temp or even life as a cubicle worker in general in the post-modern workforce.

With lyrical liberties taken...

Gotta get down in the cubicle line,
Thats where I mainly spend my time,
Make good money five dollars a day,
Made anymore, I might move away.

And to the newshounds-

Please dont dominate the rap, Jack,
If you got nothing new to say

New temp?


Van Der Sloot? I don't know...we have like 4 other options at shortstop this year already. Let's just leave him in AA another year.

Van Der Sloot? I don't know...we have like 4 other options at shortstop this year already. Let's just leave him in AA another year.

Zombieland Rule #2: Always Double Tap.

Greetings from Jalousie Plantation, St Lucia, I am alive and well, although a bit sun-touched and sore from hiking up Gros Piton... I do not think I will return to the States- we have decided that we will just not leave at the end of our week, instead go villa hopping (it's shockingly quiet at the resort this week) and see how long it takes us to get caught. I expect it will take about as long as it took my college roommate to get caught between a day-night doubleheader in the Sky box we had for the first game.... i.e. approx 1 hour. But it will be an awesome hour! Just got an email from a Sox meet up group in NYC that Opening Day shenanigans are to be had at Foley's pub. Any other Manhattan based Soxaholix fans wanna make an evening of it with us?

I'm parsing this insight from the Globe today: "Bogar believes he’s gotten to know Valentine over the winter and in camp thus far."

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