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Thank your fave omnipotence, it's Friday

OK, so I nevah would have figured Gisele Bundchen Brady for the Jesus chain prayer email type.


Somewhere in a poor village in Africa, Tim Tebow's gonads just exploded.


Next up: Rob Gronkowski, devoted Scientologist.


Speaking of devotion, "The case represents 'a long-term effort to control and manipulate the victim'..." The victim being, of course, one Brian Cashman.


So is she the "mystique" or the "aura" I can nevah seem to get that straight.



Mystique and Aura work at the Penthouse Executive Club. This woman does her dancing at Cheetah's.

If a group of Red Sox fans opened a strip club on River Ave and named it "Mystique & Aura", could the Yankees sue? Could the Yankees stay away??

If Gisele needs someone to lay hands on her, I'm available.

What happened to the good old days when the GM just sat in the hotel lobby late at night to see who was violating curfew.

Gisele is smoking something. We all know the only team G-d gives a shit about is the Red Sox. And mostly just because he likes fucking with us. It's funny like.

Not feeling particularly hopeful about the game. And this is not a reverse gooch.

my friends in Soxhood, I would like to wish you luck in Sunday's game. I would like to, but I can't because my love for the Sox does not extend to the Patriots (although my wife's does!) and I my root for Big Blue to win. You may burn the Ponch effigy if you wish.

Burn Ponch, burn...everything NY sucks balls.

But speaking of stalking, word on the street out here is that Youk has been training at our local 24 Fitness and just bought a house in Glen Ellen. Might have to join the gym now.

FWIW the characters love the Patriots, but your creepy author does not.

I used to. Oh, yes. Super Bowl win 01 was fantastic. And Super Bowl win 02 was also very sweet.

But somewhere along the line something went amiss and I didn't just fall out of love with the team, I fell into, well, hate is far too strong and so is dislike even... it's more of an ambivalence I guess.

I think it started with Tom Brady in the Yankees cap. Then got only worse with Brady and Kobe's love fest during the Celtics v Lakers series a few years back. Add my weariness with the stupid hoodies and the Redo Sox finally winning their own championship(s) and, well, somewhere in there you have it.

That is not say, of course, that I want the Giants to win. Oh, no, no, no. But I take no personal job in a Pats victory.

If one good thing comes from the recent Komen controversy, maybe our sports teams won't feel like they need to wear crappy pink equipment any more just to make a point about women's health.

Agree with hb's post plus a Packer's family. Yet, still we say:

Beat the Giants. Beat Big Blue. Beat the G-men. Beat New York. Shut them the fuck up.


(excepting Ponch from the above.)

Once more into the breach.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

I will be watching at 630 Sunday.
After that, I have a scouting trip for sunsets. I would like to go every ballpark in MLB except Fenway this summah.


Love you,love the show.


I'm a Boston fan-I bleed blue and silver,black and gold,green and white and yes,red and blue(but not pink).There it is -deal with it.

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This game is bringing out my bipolar side.

My optimist phase goes something like:
Everyone thinks it's going to be a close game, everyone seems to be picking the giants ... and if there's one thing we learned about conventional wisdom, it's that it's wrong more often than not. My optimist side thinks this is going to start off tight, Pats get a few breaks in the second quarter, and before you know it it's one of those "What were you worried about, again?" blowouts.

Then my negative side chips in with, ... never mind, but it's not pretty.

That kind of sucked.
But in a non-Buckner way.

Turn the page

Lc, hater of red sox baseball

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