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Soft Bigotry

Filing bank? Is that offshore?


Meanwhile Beckett with "There's people." for whom he stil has ill feelings towards.


Which people?


The corporations are people!


Ah, well, the season of low expectations.


Undoubtedly the best thing so fah is that, indeed, I am void of expectations. And I find it rathah pleasant actually.


Of course you do, this is 2012 where expectations are way the fuck overrated.




If the Red Sox make it through the 2012 without committing a homicide, that's a victory, right?

You know, "Great Expectations" is a bildungsroman, portraying growth and personal development.

One can only hope.

Q. "Do you understand where Fans anger comes from?"

A. "Abolutely, I've been a fan of things too."

I'm getting a bad feeling about this season. Where's Mike Lansing when you need him?

2012? The season where the home opener is on Friday the 13th. Oh Yeah. So looking forward to it.

But Arm-aggedon was last year.

I read the Beckett interview. Wow! Too much drama in the media today. Is that how it is in Boston now? I have been out west here for so long I forgot. I don't blame these guys for drinking in the clubhouse...

I assume this is what its like to be a Blue Jays fan. Not really expecting to contend but not worried about being like an Oriole either. Kind of average. And whats wrong with average you say? Go watch a porno full of average sized dicks.

One: There are NO Blue Jay fans, been there, saw Red Sox fans, no Jays fans. There were lots people there at work, but the REAL fans were for the Sox!
Beckett is like a Jays fan. If his boss leaves him alone, like Tito left him alone, fine. He'll do what he will do, which is flame out in August.

My expectations are high. Team won 90 games playing like shit to bookend the season and injured as fuck. Whatevs, they're gonna win 95+ and tear the division to shreds.

Not with that staff, Devine. After they'll compete, but that's bout a 95 game set of arms.

Still, I'm glad just to have baseball back in the news again. Looking forward to watching games soon.

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