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Safe at current levels of consumption

OK so who doesn't like Valentine's willingness to tweak the Yankees verbally with things like yesterday's dis of Jetah's infamous "flip play" and saying that one of the mahkahs of Tek's greatness was that "He was able to beat up Alex"?


I mean the more I drink the Bobby Valentine Kool-Aid, the more I like the taste of it...


Yeah, they can do some amazing things with the artificial sweetnahs these days.


"Bobby Aspartame"?



I think Bobby is more like Miraculin. He isn't sweet by nature, but he modifies our taste receptors to make sour things taste sweet temporarily.

Oh,like Salty Yum???

I have bought some sort of MLB package for the last nine years. Not this year. Completely uninspired.

I misread that as "Nancy Merkin" and was afraid to click the link.

Yaz, I too am a sceptic at this point. I will go see them when they come to South Florida to play the Marlins, but that is as much about seeing the new ballpark as seeing the Sox. No MLB package in my plans either.

Here redsox kids, my name is Bobby, have some candy. Its ok, your moms said it was ok. What? No, I'm not going to make you feel all relaxed and happy and then dryfuck you in the ass with shit covered decisions. Who said that? Thats Showalter's thing. I'm just here to smile and show you my teefs. And be famous.

With the MLB.com package available on the Roku I was thinking about actually doing it this year.

not a good fit

da kine, that was f-ing hilarious.

Nancy Merkin? Ha!

Also, so long, Davy Jones.

Apparently, he took the last train to Clarksville.


Is it too late to return my Melody Tent tickets??

Those will be my deathbed words as well - 'I'm a believer'.

Well,I'm too busy singin' to put anybody down ;O

Cheer up Bobby V,
Oh what can it mean,
To a sad old Met skipper
And a third place team...


Wake up Sleepy Jeets,
your range is really weak.
You're a....aging infielder
who should hang up his cleats.

Luke Scott. Douche.

Bobby V is a tool. He has a politician's personality, a New Yorker's disposition, and none of the New England reticence necessary for the Boston media.

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