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Ritalin dreams

I want to dislike Lana Del Rey, I really do...


And yet...


Speaking of the end times, I don't know about you, but I am so glad that Theo and Cashman get to be all chummy now.


Unsettling isn't it?


Yeah, well, Cashman should enjoy this brief respite... Cherington's just setting the trap until the time is right to unleash his moves of swaggah.


Well, done, Al, you've just tossed the linguistic equivalent of the Eephus pitch.


Yeah, and for my encore I'm going to kick the shit out of Nick Swisher.



I wasn't so big on the Padilla deal until just now.

You gotta love anyone who's described as a "veteran Nicaraguan pitcher and seasoned international troublemaker."

Hard throwing and hard drinking?? Pinky Higgins would have loved him ;D

Is the deal contingent on a valid birth certificate?

Anyone else now singing "Moves like Swaggah" in their heads? No? Just me? Sigh.

All the moves like swaggah, I've got the moves like swaggah, I've got the mooooooooves like swaggah...
I don't need to try to control you/ Look into my eyes and I'll own you..."

Thanks Natalie. NOW I have that song in my head :)

i got nothin


It seems that Don Cornelius has committed suicide.

Don Cornelius? Another pitcher the Sox signed to minor league contract?

On the other hand, Padilla could be fun. Tavares was.

When the first sentence in an article has something to do with a player's 'hard drinking' you know we're in for a pretty raucous time.

Lana del Rey (from what I've listened to) = Low rent P.J. Harvey.

Thanks for that Natalie...while I don't particularly care for that sone it's a hell of a lot better than the reject that is Cher Lloyd's 'Swagger Jagger'. I'm not linking to spare you lot the ear bleedingly awful side show car crash. Let's just say the Brits are really, really, REALLY...er, open-minded when it comes to pop songs.

Padilla's extracurricular activities: betting on cockfights, shooting guns, and drinking Johnny Walker Blue Label make BeckettLackeyLester clubhouse antics seem like a church picnic.

What I'd really like this guy to do is come in, knock a shot of JW Blue Label back and scare the crap out of rest of the pitching staff

Everythings gunna be fine, fine, fine ....


Apparenly , Padilla is also a deadbeat. Oops.

10th kid??? Gimme some of that JW Blue barkeep.

We always serve fried chicken and beer at our church picnics.

how can you NOT like someone described as "whose body has matured faster than his head"? Batshit Padilla has a nice ring to it

Lana del Rey on SNL was beyond painful. Worst performance ever. And that's saying something, considering some others who have attempted to sing there

The one thing I learned from Soul Train is that a white Irish kid can't get soul from the TV.

// Worst performance ever//

Makes absolute 100% sense vis a vis "she seems to hit the perfect tenor for these post hopey changealyptic times."

Worst performance ever, indeed. We are in the best of hands, people, the best of hands...

Do you think that performance drove Don Cornelius to suicide?

Gotta love anyone who wants to kick the shit out of Swisher. BTW, if you follow the link, check out the photo. Is Padilla getting Swishy with it?

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