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Not much, you?

Lisa the Temp:
Awww... why the long faces, peeps?


Lisa the Temp:
It's not so bad.


Lisa the Temp:
Why I just saw in the Boston Globe's "10 reasons for optimism" fluffer this one at number 6:

The Sox can't possibly be worse.


Lisa the Temp:
True fact, right?


Lisa the Temp:
And don't let anything about the Globe's counting ability dissuade you from that truth.


Lisa the Temp:
Shine on, my little peeps, shine on!



Lisa the Temp gambling proposition:

How many body piercings under the purple blazer?

I'm setting the over/under at three and taking the over.

LC told me she has exactly three piercings under there, so it's a push.

The Globe article makes me feel ever so much better. Like the one yesterday that said, "just move on, don't feel bad." As if that makes it all go away.

Red Sox can't do worse, eh?

If the Baseball Gods offered you "Red Sox lose the 2012 World Series", would you take it?

Drinkin' the Kool-Aid...

but Dice-K's due back ;)

Feelin' better already...not

Oh Lisa, if I could hollow you out and wear your radiant husk (feisty bangs, purple suit and all!) as a second skin I would. Oh yes, I would.

How soft, that four-fingered touch...


Wow. There's creepy, then there's the comments when Lisa appears!

And by the way. It can get worse. A lot worse. Bobby V and a sulking Carl Crawford worse. Youk, Ortiz, and Beckett declining worse. A divided front office worse.

Bruins, a nation turns its weary eyes to you...

Pseudo,You don't happen to know Leatherface do you??

I am tired of people trying to lump all Boston failures with the Super Bowl. Please. At least the Patriots MADE it to the championship game. And we're forgetting about the kickass, awesome 2011 Bruins...

Damn right, Lauren. Better to have played in the SB and lost than not gotten there at all (such as the J-E-T-S since whenever). And, as Rich says, Dice-K is due back. Wait. Is that a good thing?

Can't say that I do Rich. I do know a Bill though, nice guy, if only he'd stop asking me if I'd fuck him and playing that damn horses song.

We're kinda getting spoiled in Boston with all our championships. SURE, it scked to come up about two feet short of a fantastic catch but Gronk on the hail Mary. But we can't win 'em all. Even the Yankees have lost in the World Series 13 times, more than 3 times the Sox' 4 losses. Come on, after 5 games into the Patriots season, if the football gods said the Pats can go to the Superbowl but they may lose a close one, what fan wouldn't have taken that.

Now, the Sox are another matter. Although I think their offense can still be pretty potent, I'm really nervous about the rotation. Only time will tell.

pretty sure the Asian girl from yesterday's link was really nervous about rotation as well. Not to mention the setup guy

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