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Middle March

Hello Bill's answering machine. Somebody named Lisa the Temp says you're running late to work because you're not feeling well today.


I can't imagine why.


And I know what you're thinking as you listen to this back, Bill... you're thinking, "Oh, Marty, so all of a sudden you're a Giants fan?"


Well, that's just the way it goes for us Most Interesting Men in the World types, you know, like in the commercial —

"I may not always root for the Giants, but when I do they crush the Patriots with ease. Stay champions, my New Yorkers."


Speaking of commercials, perhaps you and you're little Sox friends at work can spend the day analyzing the Super Bowl ads... I mean what else are you gonna talk about, the Red Sox off off offseason? Heh.


Maybe someone can make a commercial with a chorus of dogs barking the melody to the theme song for Titanic and dedicate it to Boston Sports 2012.


I think my fave Globe sportswriter sums it up perfectly: "After a decade of dominance, New England seems to be shifting back toward the Big Middle."


But you'll be OK, Bill, it's not like you haven't spent most of your lifetime getting used to being also rans.


Well, Bill, until the next time your provincial little beanie weenie town is given a beat down by The City of the World, I bid you adieu.



I'd like to thank you for all your attention to the football games and give you

Not for nuffin' but, Who or what is or was Madonna?

Truck day is Saturday.



The true harbinger of spring - an appearance by Marty in the strip.

Fuck off Marty :(

The ads were as unimaginative as the Pats game plan.

I have to say that I was not impressed by any of the auto commercials my tax dollars paid for.

How about Walt Kowalski and 'Halftime in America'?

Tom Brady is no Joe Montana...

Tom Brady is no Eli Manning.
I wonder, can he throw a 95 MPH heater, or a 90 MPH cutter?

TB is 34.

Time is a bitch.

No, Tom Brady is no Doug Flutie.

Bitchy comments from a non football fan (used to be, but not anymore)...

TB may have been less than stellar, but defense allowed alot of scoring drives by the NJ Giants.

Giselle threw the receivers under the bus post game. Maybe true, but for fucksake dontsay it out loud when ur married to the QB.

Funny how NY wankers disown all things NJ until they need to claim a championship.

Wife asked me if game was good. I said No, it was very predictable. As I think all NFL has become. The players have caught up to the game - it is no longer a game that is difficult to play at that level. You know what they are going to do and that they will in fact be able to do it. The players are that good and the game is that straightforward. They will complete very high percentages of all passes. Contrast to baseball - you also know what they are going to try to do on any given play. But, being able to do it is by no means ensured. The game will always elude the players. Not predictable.

And have you ever seen a SB game winning touchdown be so willingly allowed and so reluctantly taken? Ya, thats what I dreamt about as a kid. Clock strategy taking precedence over scoring points. Predictable and dull. Not sport.

Many will disagree. So be it. Lc has some great places to rent where we can argue.

And the bitchiness may be coming from my so far unrealized attempts to pass a kidney stone today. Holy shit this hurts.

There is some joy here in CT. We are a land of divided loyalties. My dad was a Sox fan, and so am I. My dad was a Giants fan before the Patriots existed, so I too, am a Giants fan. Sometimes, it's that simple.

Oh, and not that it means anything, but the expectations of Giants fans before the season were on par with LC's expectations for this Red Sox season. Ya just never know, kids. It's why they actually play the games.

Today feels more like early October then mid March and I just experienced the entire '11 season in one evening: sucked early, solid middle, crash and burn down the stretch.

Fuck Marty and fuck NY. Fuck sunsets, too. Sorry, LC - maybe I'll be buying sunsets again tomorrow.

will Lisa be shilling for Fiat any time soon?

Christ that Fiat ad was so friggin good that for a second there I totally forgot that Fiats are like the worst car made in the so called "1st World"

@ss not to worry.

I've got some sunsets from Jack London State Park somewhere. Maybe even the reservoir don the hill from Howell

Something for everyone.

Reaffirms my conviction that any game played with an inflated ball is not to be taken seriously.

it's so true that QB's get too much credit for wins and too much blame for defeat. If Asante Samuel can hold onto the ball four years ago, and Welker on Sunday, then we're reading about how Brady is the definition of Clutch and Manning such a choker.

I'll take a few more years of Brady. He's my *sniff* quarterback. Not quite ready for the Ryan Mallett era to start.

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