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Make way for trucklings

So Truck Day has come and gone... did you go?


No, nobody goes to Truck Day anymore, it's too crowded.


Yeah, like most things, it was bettah before it was branded, shrink wrapped, and commodified.


At one time Truck Day was the quintessence of ironic — a grassroots hahdcore fan event celebrating the most pedestrian of non events.


Now it's become akin to the Super Bowl half time show.


They really should have brought in that dude Suárez from Liverpool to give the crowd the fingah.



If anybody cares, I won that cartoon caption contest last week with a creepy 59% of the vote.

I get the original cartoon art signed by the cartoonist, which will look nice on the wall of my office.

Thanks for the votes! And now back to your regularly scheduled creepiness...

Congrats, COD. Your win is a strike against bad puns everywhere.

I think the Sox should definitely bring Suarez aboard. Nothing like an unrepentant racist to take the focus off the team's mediocrity.

Nice work, COD

Tried to watch the Grammys. I actually had an interest in the Glen Campbell tribute given his Alzheimers. This generation's music is dreck. Had to shut it off. I am willing to admit that good music is being made these days, but it is not showcased at this particular venue. I sound like my parents 40 years ago.

So the Sox pay $51 million to negotiate with Dice K, but rather than spring for a second set of coat hangers, they ship them back and forth from Boston to Ft. Myers? Really?


We are the 59%

BTW, nice children's literature reference in the title H.B. Years ago when we had young kids we followed the ducklings route to the pond.

And Greg Biffle -- he isn't driving the truck? No logos on the cab? Huh?

Re Suarez, I have been following that kerfuffle alot. I was wondering how long before John H got involved. suarez is a great talent but a douche. He is also the lovely fellow from Uraguay who slapped the ball away from the net with his hand in the World Cup to avoid losing. Yes he was given a red card, and yes it ultimately proved to be tactically succesful since his team avoided the loss and advanced. It was akin the Arod Slapping the ball, but Suarez basically got away with it - the goal was not awarded to the other team.

I then found out that it was not so much John H getting involved as it was his jersey sponsor going all up John H's ass about the whole mess, therby prompting some owner action. Maybe we should have uniform sponsors for the Sox...

I have had to load a lot of trucks in my day, I think it's creepy to watch a PDB load a truck without offering to help out. C'mon, cowboys/girls, get a life, or get a job loading trucks. Builds charicter, destroys brain cells.

Maybe we could all do something for ourselves...Fried Chicken night, maybe.

You know, the kind of night where we all get hammered on Chicken infused vodka and bratwurst the night before Spring Training starts.
Telling stories of Ye Olde days and the like.
Any takers?

We are the 59%.

I said this earlier today, but it must have been caught in spam.

apms lc

Congrats, COD. Glad my vote counted for something. I watched the Grammys in part to see Glenn Campbell's goodbye. The Rhinestone Cowboy did not disappoint. And Adele swept every category she was in. Her talent is unmistakable. What a voice. Congrats to the Boston docs who fixed her up.

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