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Let it begin

Best line of 2012 so fah — Carl Crawford's "by clubhouse 'problems' I guess you're talking about chicken and beer."


And is it me or does Crawford seem more, I dunno, relaxed, upbeat, happy-go-lucky since stepping onto the Jet Blue grass in 2012 than he did at any point last season?


Absolutely. And you've heard it here first — Crawford has a monstah, MVP season. Write it the fuck down.


This of course coming from the guy who perennially picks Matsuzaka to win the Cy Young.


Hey, so I've got an, er, ding or two in my prognostication ahmah. Heh.


Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, let the 2012 spring officially begin.




Come on, Harwich, turn that Meh around. Hem, baby! (And haw.)

Hemp(and haw) ;)

Spring seems to be coming early everywhere. Driving around western Mass, sap is already running, plums of steam rising from the sugar shacks, syrup boiling (at least I think so...unless they are "Breakin' Bad").

Spring may be here...but I am just waiting for the other "snow" shoe to drop before I commit to it.

Yes we'll rally round that chicken and beer thing, boys, we'll rally once again, Shouting the battle cry of freedom.

what's the over/under on the number of rubber chickens shown at Beckett as he warms up in Fenway for the first time?

At Fenway? Probably not many. At Yankee Stadium? Probably thousands.

Crawford can't be any worse in year #2, right? Unless, of course, his middle name is 'Lackey'.

Soxinsix, Barry Zito improved, didn't he? :-)

Thanks for today's strip, h.b. A little optimism was just what the doctor ordered to put some "Spring" in my step.

Of course, it helps that I'm working in 70°+ temperatures down here in San Antonio, and everything looks ready to bloom. Still, I'm beginning to get some of those happy pre-season feelings again. Nice to have instead of the fear and loathing of this Winter.

"Spring in the world! And all things are made new!" - R. Hovey

didn't see that coming.

sadly, unmoved

thanks for not using the word "chink", I guess. Long live Mrs. Padmore

But what if his middle name is Ditka??

I, for one, have a positive feeling going into the new season. Even if the team sucks, I'll actually be able to get tickets to a game at Fenway on my biannual trip to Boston. (Does that mean once every two years? That's what I mean.)

Since 2003, I've had to blackmail relatives into getting me tickets by threatening to expose their naughty indiscretions on the intartubes, exploiting... uh, gaps in their armor, if you will.

Baseball fluffers? Need some way to stay focused on the team.

So, is this "significant compensation" for Theo? You be the judge:


Chris Carpenter isn't significant compensation? You gotta hand it to Theo, he managed to trade us a Cardinal, giving the Red Sox significant compensation while weakening his division rival at the same time. Dude really is a genius.

I think we got the wrong Chris Carpenter. This guy is rated the 13th best prospect in the Cubs' organization. 13th? For Theo? Is this some kind of sick joke?

"Works diligently to stay healthy"-read no chicken or beer ;O

Hey Red Sox, thanks for letting us have your brewmaster. Here's a cup of bong water.

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