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Keeping hope alive (on a respirator)

Hey, here's a headline to test the veracity of the any lingering optimism you may be lucky enough to still grip onto:

"Red Sox GM Ben Cherington Says Boston 'Unlikely' To Add Another Starting Pitcher"


No worries. I let go of the optimism precipice a while back and now I'm in a total free fall except for the occasional outcroppings I crash into on the way down, like this one:

"Are The Boston Red Sox Punting The 2012 Season?"


My 8th grade Enlgish teacher Mr. Sferopoulos would be proud of these topic sentences leads:

"The bullpen has also taken a step back..."

"Making matters worse..."

"The outfield isn’t looking that good either..."

"If these were the only problems Boston was facing..."


Of course, all these critics, pundits, prognosticators along with that gnawing feeling in my gut could all be totally wrong.


Certainly. Though you may want to considah putting a deposit down to reserve your rented sunset a bit early this year.



2012 Upside: Just grabbed 4 tickets to Patriots Day game v Rays for $72 all in. Upper Bleachers for our RVP* family.


Don't worry. Everything will change once they get all that Theo compensation from the Cubs. No? Please pass the chronic.

Here, this'll make you feel better:


I don't understand the strategy behind punting an entire season when they are richer than Croesus- unless they have basically decided to turn the Sox into a cash cow: we got the titles, made the fans even more rabid, assured our revenue streams, now we can sit back and coast on the spoils for a decade. I mean, why else do they seemingly no longer care about fielding a contender? I am usually giddy come February: my father and I would count the days til pitchers and catchers from Jan 1 and I'd wriggle with excitement. This year my prevailing emotion is: meh. Never thought I'd see the day...

That "gnawing feeling" is probably JW Blue.

The DNR order is in place. Even prayers won't help this team.

meanwhile, in Gobbler's Knob, Jorge Posada saw his shadow. Six more weeks until the first Bobby V vs the Yanks sighting

First Obama, and now the Red Sox. Never trust anybody promising hope and change.

maybe Lana del Rey is available to sing the anthem on opening day?

still nothing


At least we have 100 years of Fenway to celebrate! Oh boy!

It's not over until the "Is this the year that the sell-out streak ends?" headline sings.

Where have you gone P.T.Barnum?? RSN turns it's lonely eyes to you ;O

Am I the only one who finds the image of Nataline wriggling with excitement somewhat distracting?

"Of course, all these critics, pundits, prognosticators along with that gnawing feeling in my gut could all be totally wrong."

They certainly were last year.

This moment brought you by JustSayin.com

It's just like the good old days: "wait till next year" goes from orange to brown, falls off the tree, and gets crushed beneath the snow and salt.

These aren't your hothouse Red Sox anymore. We're back to the cold dark days, and Springs that don't start until April 1.

It can be nice to be surprised.

Nice, Chops.

(Damn it, why am I allowing myself to hope? Bookmark this page so you can pull it out and beat me with it when I go on a huge rant this July about how stupid the front office is and how BV was the biggest mistake ever.)


cool. I thought of something. I once killed a groundhog with a rock to the head

...and turned it into spam??

The humor there is great. It has been a weird offseason but the Red Sox are in a rebuilding phase. Going to be an interesting year.

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