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My VORP is in a tailspin...

In these quiet news days of mid February, let us turn to the sagacious dismembered voice of the Green Line Trolley with "Important questions as the Mayan long count calendar speeds towards its denouement...…"

dismembered voice:
Did Carrie Nation have the last laugh?


dismembered voice:
If the SI Swimsuit issue falls in forest, but teenage boys are too busy wanking to ready access internet porn to notice, does it make a sound?


dismembered voice:
Is Daniel Bard ready to Oh, Fuck it... Linsanity!?



Wow, that "last laugh" link is the most frightening thing I've seen since "Night of the Hunter."

Somewhere, three dads are weeping into a bowl of parental guilt. And three morning-after pills are being digested in a mix of Everclear, fruit punch and Rohypnol.

"Last laugh" has reminded me that Sunday's "Walking Dead" is still on my DVR.

I feel like a damn old ass woman saying things like this-but seriously, what the holy fuck is wrong with young girls these days?

And I so call 'shopped on that SI cover. Because although the old school 70s style tanglewood bush has gone out of fashion, it doesn't alter fucking anatomy! Where is that girl's mons pubis? REDACTED- I just checked and apparently that is one of those things you can now get reduced...

Ok then...

Bob and PSP have the first box covered. Pseudo certainly has more to offer on the second. Yeah, um, so that Lin fellow. Had quite a couple weeks playing for the Knicks, huh? I understand he went to school in Boston, yes?

Line of the week:

"Because although the old school 70s style tanglewood bush has gone out of fashion, it doesn't alter fucking anatomy!"

Note to self: Start using "tanglewood" variations for low security passwords.

Also briefly considered: briar patch & snake weed.

Did I see correctly that Bob Ryan is retiring?

Could he with the tanglewood bush hairdo be far behind?

So Bob in CT, is there a double-entendre lurking in your comment that we have the first "box covered"?

PSP - Yep. I was just too damn lazy to do anything with it. Thanks for picking the low-lying fruit I couldn't be bothered to reach for. LOL

And I don't know about the rest of you, but I always enjoyed going to tanglewood for the entertainment. Wait -- Are we talking about the same thing here?

Yeah. Yeah, we are...

I'm a contributing member to Tanglewood....

I am going to start working "tanglebush salt yum" into my daily vernacular (and my daily life).

I am being told on a daily basis that I should care about Jeremy Lin since my alma mater, good story, NY rulez, blah blah blah, but seriously the NBA is, to me, so catastrophically bor- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Lin-mania even made the Sydney Morning Herald:

Good grief.

Oof, rereading my post, I guess I should have said tanglewood not bush to continue with pseudo's great meme. Clearly you can see the salt yum I was envisioning. :)

Oh, she was photoshopped? So, she probably looks more like, say, any other 19 year old, with zits, a stray tattoo or a hickey from the photographer? BTW: Do we know she's legal? Just asking...

Great. Now I'm craving a salty tanglewood.

I'm a product of the 70s. Ain't no shame...

well, maybe a little.
speaking as a child of the 50's


With a little bit of mustard on the side h.b., as is traditional.

Jeremy Lin is actually the real thing. He led my local high school, Palo Alto High, to an unprecedented state title his senior year, then helped Harvard resuscitate its basketball program. He's just had to find his niche in the NBA, and, I guess, he's found it!

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