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I have...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
... absolutely nothing. Let's reconvene on Monday.



Hopefully then we'll have something fun to yak about(sorry Bob)

I might as well not even exist.

Bob, Bob, Bob.... we just want to be like you when (if) we grow up

I think,therefore you are ;)

Youk marrying Tom Brady's sister??

They call you a Brady, Youk
And there's no room for doubt
At times you have a very Tom-Brady-like way
Of washing out

Youk be a Brady tonight!

Speaking of Brady, did anybody else see this pathetic attempt at starting a meme?

According to the scuttlebutt, Papi came to terms with the Sox.

I may need a prescription for Lithium. In the course of one IM with a fellow Sox fan I went on an extended rant about ownership that included the lines "i am pissed about tito, i don't like valentine, it doesn't feel as though ownership is invested in winning this year, but rather just raking in profits until such time as blood starts to run down landsdowne street and then they start spending again" and then concluded with "I am so excited for the season to start!!!" which I genuinely meant. It's official: the Red Sox have driven me insane.

Since we've got a mixed bag of topics today, has anyone else read Cafardo's "100 things for Sox Fans to do before They Die"? Someone gave it to me as a Christmas gift. What a piece of fucking garbage. I didn't learn one single speck of info that I didn't already know. And I think the only "to do" thing in the book was "sit in the Monster Seats for a game" Really? What insight! The rest was shit like "Ted Williams could really hit" and "Poor Tony C's career ended too soon". I've never been so angry about wasting time out of my life reading a book. Not worth the paper it was written on.

Glad I got that off my chest. Thank you for listening.

Soxinsix, I had a similar reaction to Johnny Damon's book after the 2004 WS. Thought I'd be getting insider perspective into what the season was like, but his ghostwriter clearly just wrote out his box scores in longhand. There were actual factual errors that made it appear that Damon legitimately didn't even remember the season that has just taken place. I wanted to burn the thing in front of his Boston condo in protest, but really, what did I truly expect from Caveman?

You both were expecting Ball Four? SF to quote Joe Schultz.

Not Ball Four but he's covered the team for 20+ years or whatever, so I was expecting some nuggets that I would find amusing, entertaining or, God forbid, insightful. This thing was a complete throwaway, which in fact is exactly what I did with it.

Well,he DOES work with Shank.

I think Item #100 was Wally The Green Monster's stats (height, weight, favorite food etc). Perfect ending for a perfectly awful book.

To Natalie's point of being crazy, since we're all die-hard Sox fans and since "fan" is short for "fanatic" and since "fanatic" by definition is one thin line from being crazy, I'd say you're in good company.

@soxinsix - got same book, have same opinion.

@Natalie - when I finished Damon's book, I immediately told my wife that if she wanted to read it (Damon was her favorite player at the time) she should do it ASAP, because he would be gone as soon as his contract was up. The book made absolutely clear that Damon was all about 'respect' and respect equaled money. He was going to the highest bidder, even if it was by 10 cents per year greater.

Well it looks like the Star Trek franchise is going to have to change their tag line again: "To boldly go where no woman has gone before, and no man ever will"


I see a whole new SF genre where the outer planets / other solar systems are settled solely by women with turkey basters and frozen sperm.

Uh ... does anyone seriously think that Damon actually wrote the book ... all by himself? Or, for that matter, that he actually READ the book ... all by himself??

not by himself, but about himslef - it's titled Idiot afterall...


6 mos in space - do they really not know why he is going cross eyed and blind? Really? Have they looked at his palms?

Damon is a shape shifter. Also a douche. Wherever he is, its better than any other team he has ever been on. Unless of course he goes back for sloppy seconds at tb or ny, then it will be some douchey thing he says.

I can really only see one possible book out of the recent crop of sox that would be awesome and it will never be written - Tito's Way.

I am looking for a solid, I say solid, 3rd place finish this season with a few moments of maybe.. Maybe... Nope. Heartache.

Damn meetings put a real crimp in my laziness.

Anyway, have a great weekend all.

And what Harwich said.

we are devolving. Nobody had anything on scuttlebutt?

HAPPY Birthday CAM

what about covering truck day??? It's a sign of good things to come . . .

NPR breaches copyright of our LC:


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