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Day late, dollar short

How exactly does something like this happen?


Well, you know, the interwebs is one of those newfangled things not many people have on their radah and all...


Yep, it's truly a niche thing, I mean it's not like there are more smartphones being sold than babies being born worldwide or the like.


In the good news department, we've had our first eephus pitch sighting of Spring.


And Padilla says it'll be part of his arsenal.


And, look, it's not like www.eephuspitch.com is owned by one of the most hahdcore and most prolific Yankees fans or anything.



Maybe the redsox need to buy the www.steppingonourowndick.com domain?

Ted hit an eephus pitch 440' THERE.
I think TLC Network has steppingonourowndick.com, what with their obsession with undersize people.

I loved Tito, but did he ever quoted Dewey Oxberger from "Stripes."? Who knows how the season will go, but the Valentine show might not suck.

I would have thought that Jet Blue owned that domain. Shite, at work we register domains when we even THINK about a concept. I personally own www.TheDryIceFactory.com. A little something for all you Talking Heads fans.

not to get all grammarian on you, but since I hate the Red Sox, I must point out that "siting" should be "sighting"


I'm still waiting to see the Gyroball.

I knew "siting" was off when typing it but forgot to go back and figure it out. Thanks, LC.

The Greek place down the street has Gyros with falafel balls and tzatziki. Close enough?

Dammit, h.b.- it's 9:15 and I'm already hungry Greek food for lunch!

I registered sisyphussyphilis.com a while back for some ridiculous reason. But I let the ownership lapse so it's up for the taking if anyone fancies it.

The guy who registered it should get something like $2K for it from the Red Sox.

The arbitration process would force him to hand it over, but that will cost something in the region of $2500 to pursue, so as long as you keep the asking price below the legal costs of going to "court", the TM owner will usually pay out.

We've got ultra-careful about registering domains at work if they're potential mergers or anything like that - someone keeps an eye on things like that in the press - but anything else, you brainstorm a name and register all the ideas.

Might have to register StolmyPimentel.com.

That guy has a real future in baseball and a kick ass name.

Love the sunsets, LC.

I'm registering saltyum.com just in case.... (tealdress.com is already taken and it's super-boring, y'all.... :)

But is www.underthetealdress.com available?

Now *there's* a blog worth bookmarking!

America, fuck, yeah.

nice link, hb


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