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Common Ground

I'm not sure why, but hearing that Valentine has has imposed a much strictah workout and practice regimen for spring and that not everyone is happy about it has made me really staht to warm up to the guy.


What do you mean you don't know why? It's the law and order Rethuglican in you. Heh.


Seriously. Next you'll be holding a night of prayer to ask Jesus to have Valentine confiscate player contraceptives.


That's right, because as we know you nanny state libs are all about personal liberty...


And nothing says personal liberty like government bureaucrat lackeys confiscating a kid's lunch because it doesn't meet their approved dogma.


Speaking of an official system of tenets, that Jet Blue Park sure is purty.


Nothing excites the salty passions like balls shagged ovah a perfectly manicured lawn on a languid afternoon.



Shagging balls in Tanglebush??

A colleague of mine is in Chicago on business, and sent an email this morning:

//I just saw a Cubs billboard.

Try and guess which member of the team they featured?

No not Theo.

Yes, Dale Sveum.

I do not have high aspirations for the Cubs this year.//

Thinking about a comment on sweaty, shaggy balls and languid passions, but frankly I'm too tired and uninspired to work it all the way through this morning. Wish I were as clever as HB our Bob.


Or Harwich... Or pseudo... Or Natalie... Or Jeff... Or lc...

Or any of the other creepy posters out there.


That's why I stopped commenting, Rob. I had 1 good one since '04, and that's below the Mendoza line.

So Valentine has put some 'Chicken and Stick' wind sprint drills into Spring Training?

I'm pretty sure I blew my clever comment on the Internet allowance last week with the cartoon caption. Don't expect much from me this year.

I hear you, VTer. If I do manage a half-assed postable comment, it's three days later while day-dreaming through another insipid PowerPoint presentation.

Makes hb's ability to bring it every day all the more impressive, no? Not to mention the repartee from the usual crowd.

And in that vein, how could I forget you, Dr. Kaz? Your Sinatra lyric takeoff the other day on "Youk Brady" was both inspired and hilarious. I was in stiches.


most of by best work ends up in


plus, I'm not feeling it,RS-wise

I'm with you too, Rob. The day I posted a comment that got a 'well done' response from hb was completely unexpected and a real honor. I'll keep trying my best though, and hope to approach those lofty heights on occasion. Bob, Kaz, Harwich etc. are the masters, as they seem to fire these humorous posts off so effortlessly. HB's talent is in the stratosphere, obviously. Best site on the web.

guys, guys, guys. don't be so hard on yourself. It's only Spring Training, after all. You can't be expected to be in mid season form yet until you're all fully healed from that Tommy Chong surgery

Ok, I'll take the bait and swim hard away (sometimes, many times in fact, the fish wins)... It appears our author woke up on the grouchy side of the political bed this a.m. Taking a kids lunch is pretty damn silly one must agree, but when did it become intelligent to argue against the wisdom of properly feeding and nutritioning a kid? If Michelle Obama thinks fat kids could be helped, then being fat is good? And dont toss the nanny state argument in, it is irrelevant to the point and only relevant to the method of execution of said nutritioning of our chirruns. And lest you think I am totally fucked up one sided liberal, if a teacher took my kids bag lunch I'd piss on an apple and send it in the next day.

As for baseball, I will be thinking about shagged balls on a manicured lawn all the way through August at least- Mrs. jeff is gonna be sore. And I shall blame it on internet literary porn.

Dang, I thought for sure that by so clearly giving zingers to both left and right sides of the aisle in today's dialog that it would come out a wash...

That's what I get for thinking about anything other than RealDolls, tanglewood, and what Natalie is wearing.

@hb we are in a post Left and Right world.

The current world is pathetic and apathetic.

your mileage may vary, but I run on spam.


ps: this is not a political statement, as I know views differ even in this creepy community. It's just how I see things

PS - The school didn't take the kid's lunch. The kid is enrolled in a pre-K session for kids in at-risk situations (poor, learning disabilities, etc.). As such, part of the program SUPPLEMENTS (not replaces) any bagged lunch that comes in without a minimum amount of nutritional variety. All the kid was told is that they were lacking milk and/or vegetables. Better safe than sorry, the person who verifies that the *school* is in compliance (not the mom's compliance and not a school employee's actions) saw the kid's lunch and wanted to be sure she got what she needed and sent her in to get a milk. The kid ended up with a full lunch tray...for free. Mom was never charged for the food and the only thing mom didn't like is she'd told the school not to do this before because she thinks the kid won't eat any vegetables you give her anyways and she doesn't want to be charged for the food (something the paperwork said was a *possibility* if the school deemed it necessary, like if kids come in without any food at all every day...but doesn't do in practice). So, a kid was given some extra food to be sure she was getting a complete, healthy meal as part of her pre-K program...mom overreacts...news amps the overreaction. Ta-da.

Of course, the right wing bubblesphere in this country turned this into a shouting match and every new headline took another step towards making it sound like Michelle Obama drove to NC to shove a tater tot in the kid's mouth and arrest the mother.

I cosign everything lc says today (and most days). Let's go back to talking about tanglewood. Or salt yum. Or baseball, I guess that works too, even though I really think the Sox are going to suck this year, and not in the fun tanglebush way.

Does Michelle Obama go tanglewood, hardwood floors, or manicured lawn?

My tater tot wants to know.

Wasn't it Reagan who wanted to qualify a squirt of catsup as a helping of vegetables for purposes of federal school lunch programs?

Kaz is, of course, correct. Between the news cycle and screaming meemies on both sides of the aisle, it's no surprise we wind up with these kinds of stories.

Now back to our regularly-scheduled tanglewood, snake weed and furbush plots. Ever the more fascinating topic than politics.

MO seems old school to me: I am going with tanglewood.

Hb, a fine response. The equivalent of "aw, fuck this" and just throwing the pole in the water. I, the fish, thought I had won the day, just to find out I really should have left that bait for another. Well done.

On a day where the only redsox news seemed to be that BV told the boys they had to be out of bed before noon and the boys got mad that they werent gonna be able to watch late nite Skinemax, the lunch debate seemed more interestin'.

And i say MO is a landing strip girl. Our POTUS AND FLOTUS are hipper than we think.

Hey! We signed Ross Ohlendorf! We're saved! Woohoo!

Oh, and, yeah, I'm w/ Jeff...landing strip - but shaped like a donkey to keep it with the party faithful.

RIP Gary Carter. So young...

Sorry, I came in late...What was that about Lackey stealing a kid's lunch? What's the meal allowance in spring training anyway?

I call bullshit on the lunch stealing story. The original source is a conservative online paper that cannot identify the parent or the USDA official involved. It can't be that hard to figure out.

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